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Nature & Environment

Jellyfish is world's only "immortal" animal

3-21-2010 | 28

A peculiar type of jellyfish native to the Carribean is believed to have a theoretically limitless life span.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble spots "space jellyfish"

12-15-2009 | 15

New photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope have revealed extraordinary images of planetary systems being formed. On...

Nature & Environment

Japanese fish trawler sunk by giant jellyfish

11-3-2009 | 22

A 10-ton fishing boat capsized off the coast of Japan after the crew attempted to haul a net filled with giant jellyfish...

Nature & Environment

Jellyfish may help keep planet cool

8-1-2009 | 2

Jellyfish and other similar marine creatures could be helping to curb the effects of global warming by stirring up the o...

Nature & Environment

Deadly jellyfish invade UK beaches

7-30-2009 | 6

A number of deadly Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish have been washing up on British beaches. Growing up to 15 feet in len...

Nature & Environment

Jellyfish threaten to 'dominate' oceans

6-10-2009 | 10

The world's oceans may be overtaken by giant jellyfish due to overfishing it has been claimed. Nomura jellyfish can grow...

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