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Science & Technology

Secret US SHC beam tested

9-4-2009 | 8

Boeing has announced an in-flight test firing of its new aeroplane mounted raygun-cannon protype, the Advanced Tactical ...

Science & Technology

"Transparent aluminium" created

7-29-2009 | 23

Scientists have succeeded in creating a transparent form of aluminium through the use of the world's most powerful soft ...

Science & Technology

Cars 'may soon be started by lasers'

7-13-2009 | 8

A new technology for starting cars using lasers has been developed by a team from Liverpool University. The new system c...

Science & Technology

Physicist developing time machine to save father

6-23-2009 | 29

Physicist Ronald Mallett has devised what he believes to be a method for travelling through time by opening a "time tunn...

Science & Technology

Rotating space elevator could propel own load

5-28-2009 | 2

For years NASA have been looking in to the possibility of space elevators, a new study has revealed that a rotating elev...


Australia's OSETI detects unknown signal

5-18-2009 | 6

Astronomers in Australia listening out for signs of intelligent alien life by searching for optical laser pulses as oppo...

Science & Technology

Bendy laser beams fired through the air

4-13-2009 | 11

Physicists at the University of Arizona have developed a method for creating curved laser beams, a technology that could...

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to replicate the Sun

3-18-2009 | 27

Scientists aim to replicate the power of the Sun in a new nuclear fusion experiment involving laser beams being fired at...

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