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The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sightings linked to experiment in Wales ?

5-31-2010 | 6

An experiment using lasers to try and communicate with aliens may account for UFO sightings last month.

Archaeology & History

Massive Maya city revealed by lasers

5-24-2010 | 23

Lasers have been used to peer through the rain forests and reveal an ancient Maya metropolis in western Belize.

Science & Technology

Space power zapped from space by lasers

11-10-2009 | 6

In an ambitious new project that could take over 20 years to complete Japan are aiming to collect solar power in orbit a...

Science & Technology

Cars 'may soon be started by lasers'

7-13-2009 | 8

A new technology for starting cars using lasers has been developed by a team from Liverpool University. The new system c...

Science & Technology

Physicist developing time machine to save father

6-23-2009 | 29

Physicist Ronald Mallett has devised what he believes to be a method for travelling through time by opening a "time tunn...

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