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Space & Astronomy

Mystery of weird green lasers over Hawaii has now been solved

 VIDEO  2-13-2023 | 14

A series of green laser beams descending from the sky appeared over the islands of Hawaii back on January 28th.

Science & Technology

Scientists have found a way to steer lightning using lasers

1-23-2023 | 3

A new study has demonstrated the possibility of using laser beams to redirect the path of lightning strikes.

Science & Technology

Nuclear fusion laser experiment breaks record

8-22-2021 | 0

Scientists have succeeded in producing a record-breaking burst of energy using lasers and nuclear fusion.

Science & Technology

USAF to fit its fighter jets with laser weapons

11-15-2020 | 4

A number of older fighter jets will be fitted out with defensive laser weapons by the mid 2020s.


Astronomer proposes ET 'halo drive' concept

3-17-2019 | 11

A new theory suggests that aliens could fire lasers at black holes to help propel their ships through space.

Space & Astronomy

Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ?

1-15-2018 | 7

A new study by researchers in China has put forward a novel new way of tackling the problem of space junk.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is working on laser-based propulsion

2-22-2016 | 74

A new type of propulsion system could see lasers being used to 'push' a spacecraft up to great speeds.

Science & Technology

New camera is able to see around corners

12-8-2015 | 3

Scientists in Edinburgh have developed a new type of camera that uses lasers to see around corners.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop 'freeze ray' lasers

11-22-2015 | 9

A breakthrough in the field of laser cooling could open the door to a wide range of new applications.

Science & Technology

Super-heating lasers to aid fusion research

11-14-2015 | 8

Scientists have found a way to use lasers to heat materials to extreme temperatures almost instantly.

Science & Technology

Boeing unveils new anti-drone laser cannon

 VIDEO  8-28-2015 | 10

The aerospace giant has developed a new weapon system designed specifically to shoot down drones.

Science & Technology

Physicists develop working tractor beam

10-20-2014 | 9

The remarkable new technology is capable of pushing or pulling solid objects using nothing but lasers.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists to zap space debris with lasers

3-12-2014 | 19

A team of Australian physicists have come up with a new way to deal with the ever-growing field of junk.

Archaeology & History

Stonehenge scanned with digital lasers

10-10-2012 | 8

The intricacies of Stonehenge have been brought to life like never before thanks to a new laser scan.

Science & Technology

Realistic Star Wars lightsaber goes on sale

 VIDEO  5-9-2012 | 22

The $400 LaserSaber uses a laser that is so powerful that the device comes with a health warning.

Space & Astronomy

Laser device could drill in to icy moons

4-23-2012 | 2

A new robotic device that uses lasers shot through fiber-optic cable has been developed by scientsts.

Archaeology & History

Laser scans Stonehenge for its secrets

3-11-2011 | 8

Archaeologists are scanning Stonehenge with lasers hoping to find clues to how it was constructed.

Science & Technology

Laser camera takes photos around corners

11-20-2010 | 3

A new camera has been developed that is able to take pictures around corners by using lasers.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop "tractor beam"

9-10-2010 | 8

Like something out of Star Trek scientists have succeeded in developing a functional tractor beam using lasers.

Science & Technology

Lasers could 'sense' hidden explosives

6-8-2010 | 3

British scientists have developed a technology based on lasers that can detect hidden explosives.

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