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Science & Technology

Science still cannot explain how some people live past 100

11-26-2021 | 9

The reason behind the incredible longevity of centenarians continues to remain something of a mystery.

World of the Bizarre

Australia's oldest man credits very unusual diet

5-20-2021 | 5

Australia's oldest ever man has explained how a particularly unusual diet has contributed to his longevity.

Archaeology & History

How has Roman concrete lasted 2,000 years ?

7-4-2017 | 6

The remarkable longevity of Roman sea piers has proven something of a mystery to modern engineers.

World of the Bizarre

Oldest living man is a 120-year-old monk

8-18-2016 | 9

Hindu monk Swami Sivananda has attributed his extreme longevity to a combination of yoga and celibacy.

Science & Technology

Deleting genes could extend human lifespan

10-12-2015 | 10

Scientists have identified a potential new way of extending human longevity by up to 60 percent.

Science & Technology

Ancient bacteria could hold key to longevity

9-21-2015 | 20

A 3.5 million-year-old bacteria found in Siberia could make it possible for humans to live longer.

Science & Technology

Bowhead whales could hold key to longevity

1-4-2015 | 17

Scientists have identified the genes that enable these aquatic mammals to live in excess of 200 years.

Science & Technology

Why do we live longer than other mammals ?

1-16-2014 | 23

Scientists believe that our slow metabolic rate is the key to explaining our relative longevity.

Science & Technology

Removing old cells could extend life

11-4-2011 | 13

New research suggests that the key to longevity might be to remove old worn out cells.

Science & Technology

Scientists to control aging within 25 years ?

7-5-2011 | 60

Chief longevity scientist Aubrey de Grey predicts that a cure to aging may be very close indeed.

Science & Technology

Health secrets of a 114-year-old

5-24-2009 | 1

Research conducted on the bones of a 114-year-old found no genetic reasons for their longevity, instead attributing a he...

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