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Space & Astronomy

Evidence of proto-planet 'Theia' found deep inside Earth's mantle

11-2-2023 | 9

The findings could not only solve the mystery of the Moon's formation, but also the mystery of two large subsurface 'blobs'.

Modern Mysteries

Georgia Guidestones destroyed in bomb blast

7-10-2022 | 67

The mysterious Stonehenge-like structure was blown up by an unknown attacker and then dismantled by authorities.

Space & Astronomy

Iconic Arecibo telescope 'close to collapsing'

 VIDEO  11-20-2020 | 17

The decision has been taken to dismantle the world-famous telescope after it suffered 'catastrophic' damage.

Science & Technology

'Lost world' of mountains hidden under our feet

2-15-2019 | 6

Vast mountains that could be taller than Mt Everest are thought to exist hundreds of miles beneath the ground.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists to drill in to the mantle

4-9-2017 | 14

The aim will be to drill all the way down through the Earth's crust for the first time in history.

Science & Technology

Huge 'ocean' discovered in Earth's interior

6-15-2014 | 59

A massive reservoir of water three times the volume of all the world's oceans lies 700km underground.


US Air Force preparing to dismantle HAARP

5-15-2014 | 139

The controversial project is to be completely dismantled after it is shut down at the end of the summer.

Science & Technology

Team to drill down to the Earth's mantle

10-3-2012 | 30

A $1 billion mission to retrieve the first ever fresh samples of our planet's mantle has been proposed.

Space & Astronomy

Does Mars have 'oceans' of water inside it ?

7-2-2012 | 17

Scientists believe that the mantle of Mars contains enough water to cover the planet's entire surface.

Science & Technology

Scientists to drill down to Earth's mantle

3-27-2011 | 19

For the first time scientists will drill all the way to the Earth's mantle to retrieve valuable samples.

Space & Astronomy

Did the moon form in a nuclear explosion ?

1-30-2010 | 2

A new theory suggests that the moon may have formed following a natural nuclear explosion in the Earth's mantle.

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