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Nature & Environment

New species of monkey discovered

9-14-2012 | 3

A completely new species of monkey has been discovered in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nature & Environment

'Extinct' monkey rediscovered in Borneo

1-21-2012 | 8

A team of scientists has found the Miller's Grizzled Langur alive and well in the Bornean rainforest.

World of the Bizarre

"Malnourished monkey" mistaken for alien

7-26-2011 | 16

A monkey created quite a stir in one Chinese province when it was mistaken for an alien creature.

Nature & Environment

Monkeys invent new "fishing technique"

3-11-2011 | 18

Capuchin monkeys have come up with their own tool-conserving method to fish for termites.

Nature & Environment

Monkeys choose best tools to crack nuts

 VIDEO  1-8-2011 | 5

In a demonstration of human-like behaviour monkeys are very selective about the tools they use.

Nature & Environment

New monkey species sneezes when it rains

10-29-2010 | 6

A new species of monkey has been discovered in Burma that has the habbit of sneezing when it rains.


Fossil links humans and monkeys

7-16-2010 | 5

A 29-million-year-old skull has indicated that apes and Old World monkeys diverged far later than thought.

Nature & Environment

Wild cat found mimicking monkey calls

7-10-2010 | 37

A species of wild cat has been documented mimicking the calls of monkeys to help it hunt them down as prey.

World of the Bizarre

Lab monkeys make their escape

7-8-2010 | 16

Lab monkeys in Japan succeeded in catapulting themselves from trees in order to escape over an electric fence.

Space & Astronomy

Russia plans to send monkey to Mars

12-23-2009 | 40

In a controversial announcement that is likely to cause quite a stir with animal rights groups the Russian space agency ...

Nature & Environment

Monkey drumming suggests the origin of music

10-18-2009 | 1

New findings have found a common origin for primate vocal and nonvocal communication systems, the research showed that w...

Nature & Environment

Monkeys have a sense of morality

2-17-2009 | 14

A new study has shown that apes and monkeys possess a rudimentary sense of right or wrong, can judge fairness and are ev...

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