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Space & Astronomy

Oxygen discovered around Saturn moon

3-3-2012 | 17

Scientists believe all of Saturn's moons may have oxygen around them, but could anything be living there?

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's Pan and Atlas baffle scientists

3-20-2011 | 37

Two of Saturn's smaller moons have puzzled experts for some time due to their unusual shape.

Space & Astronomy

Potential ice volcanoes found on Titan

12-15-2010 | 5

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted what could be ice volcanoes on one of Saturn's moons.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn moon has oxygen atmosphere

11-26-2010 | 43

A thin oxygen atmosphere has been discovered on Rhea, one of the moons of Saturn.


Altered image sparks conspiracy claims

10-8-2010 | 85

An image of Saturn's moons altered by NASA has gained significant attention by conspiracy theorists.

Space & Astronomy

NASA spacecraft to photograph Saturn's moons

4-4-2010 | 4

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will take new close up pictures of Titan and Dione in a fly-by next week.

Space & Astronomy

Robot armies 'will explore alien worlds'

10-28-2009 | 6

Scientists have said that in the future an army of robotic airships and satellites will visit distant worlds and command...

Space & Astronomy

Cassini continues past its expiry date

6-4-2009 | 1

NASA's Cassi-Huygens spacecraft is continuing its mission to explore Saturn and its moons despite being over a year past...

Space & Astronomy

Russia details mission to Phobos

5-26-2009 | 8

Russia has detailed plans for an ambitious unmanned mission to Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. The probe will attempt ...

Space & Astronomy

Cannibalistic Jupiter ate its early moons

3-10-2009 | 12

It has been found that the planet Jupiter may have 'eaten' over 20 moons since the early days of the solar system, with ...

Space & Astronomy

Russia to send life to Phobos in new mission

3-3-2009 | 10

In its first mission to Mars in over 10 years Russia plan to send a probe to one of the martian moons Phobos later this ...

Space & Astronomy

NASA selects Jupiter for next major mission

2-20-2009 | 10

The destination of NASA's next major mission to the planets has been announced, Jupiter and two of its moons Ganymede an...

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