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Archaeology & History

Possible evidence of the Exodus found in Jordan

9-27-2018 | 425

Archaeologists have discovered what could be the first hard evidence of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt.

World of the Bizarre

'Elastic' man can turn his feet backwards

 VIDEO  8-23-2018 | 7

57-year-old Moses Lanham from Michigan has a unique talent that both intrigues and disgusts in equal measure.


Did Moses really part the Red Sea ?

12-9-2014 | 256

A new study has indicated that there is a scientific basis for the parting of a large body of water.


Did the Exodus really happen ?

4-13-2011 | 32

Did Moses really lead the Israelites out of Egypt and were there really ten plagues ?

Archaeology & History

Moses' Red Sea parting explained ?

9-22-2010 | 141

Researchers exploring the story of Moses parting the Red Sea might have uncovered an alternative explanation.

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