Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Science & Technology

'Yellow Brick Road' found 3km beneath the sea

 VIDEO  5-8-2022 | 7

Researchers aboard the research vessel Nautilus have discovered something unusual at the bottom of the ocean.

Nature & Environment

Incredible 'piglet squid' caught on camera

 VIDEO  7-19-2019 | 10

Footage of the unusual cephalopod was captured in the Pacific depths by the Exploration Vessel Nautilus team.

Nature & Environment

'Muppet of the sea' can inflate its own body

 VIDEO  9-24-2018 | 3

A deep sea remote-operated vehicle recently captured footage of a unique species of eel with a very big mouth.

Nature & Environment

Weird googly-eyed squid found on sea floor

 VIDEO  8-16-2016 | 19

A recent deep-sea expedition off the coast of California has revealed a rather unusual looking creature.

Nature & Environment

Rare nautilus spotted off Papua New Guinea

8-30-2015 | 7

An extremely rare species of cephalopod has been spotted again for the first time in over three decades.

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