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Nature & Environment

Plan to use heavy metal music to deter orca attacks could backfire

11-21-2023 | 8

Sailors off the Iberian coast have been attempting to find ways to protect their boats from being attacked by killer whales.

Nature & Environment

Orcas are attacking boats and the phenomenon seems to be spreading

 VIDEO  6-27-2023 | 21

The seaborne mammals have sunk 3 boats and damaged 100 more over the past 18 months or so.

Nature & Environment

What are great white sharks frightened of ?

4-18-2019 | 19

Despite their fearsome reputation, these monster sharks will always try to steer clear of one particular creature.

Nature & Environment

Killer whale learns to say 'hello' and 'bye'

 VIDEO  1-31-2018 | 9

A 14-year-old orca named Wikie has succeeded in imitating some of the words spoken by her trainer.

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