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Science & Technology

Record-breaking hole opens up in the ozone layer

4-7-2020 | 41

Scientists have reported that a large hole has appeared above the Arctic due to unusually low temperatures.

Science & Technology

Ozone layer could be fully healed by the 2060s

11-6-2018 | 21

The protective layer is improving so rapidly that it could heal itself entirely within as little as 50 years.

Science & Technology

Mystery source of ozone-depleting CFC found

7-9-2018 | 18

Investigators have finally determined the source of the unexplained rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11.

Science & Technology

Mystery rise in ozone-depleting CFC detected

5-17-2018 | 9

Scientists suspect that someone is still producing a banned chemical that is known to damage the ozone layer.

Science & Technology

Hole in ozone layer is healing, study shows

1-9-2018 | 8

There has been a distinct reduction in the level of ozone-destroying chemicals in the Earth's atmosphere.

Science & Technology

Hole in the ozone layer is starting to heal

7-1-2016 | 10

A large hole in the Earth's protective ozone layer is finally starting to show signs of healing up.

Science & Technology

Ozone layer showing signs of recovery

9-11-2014 | 7

The protective layer in our atmosphere responsible for blocking ultra-violet rays is now on the mend.

Space & Astronomy

Ozone layer discovered on Venus

10-8-2011 | 3

A very thin ozone layer has been discovered around the planet Venus by the Venus Express spacecraft.

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