Saturday, July 2, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

'Bulging triangle' UFO appears over Islamabad for two hours

 VIDEO  2-23-2022 | 15

Locals were left perplexed this week after a strange object was spotted in the skies over Pakistan.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airline pilot films 'foo fighter' UFO over Pakistan

 VIDEO  1-30-2021 | 21

A short clip of a strange orb-shaped object filmed from the cockpit of a passenger jet has recently gone viral.


Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police

5-29-2020 | 13

A pigeon carrying a 'coded message' was recently captured by authorities in India on suspicion of spying.

Modern Mysteries

Strange black smoke ring filmed over Pakistan

1-23-2020 | 22

This giant ring, which was spotted drifting up into the sky, has been the topic of some heated debate this week.


'Mystery creature' plagues Pakistani market

7-30-2019 | 35

At least two watchmen have reported seeing a large black creature with glowing eyes in Karachi, Pakistan.


Cat filter blunder turns conference in to a farce

 VIDEO  6-19-2019 | 8

A Pakistani minister was left red-faced after a cat filter was accidentally enabled on his Facebook livestream.


Man shot dead while pretending to be a ghost

12-29-2018 | 34

A popular YouTube content creator from Pakistan was killed after a ghost scare prank went horribly wrong.

Modern Mysteries

'Solar boys' become paralyzed after sunset

 VIDEO  11-13-2016 | 19

Two young boys in Pakistan literally 'power down' after the sun sets and can only move during the day.


Pigeon held in India on suspicion of spying

6-3-2010 | 30

A pigeon is being held under armed guard in India on suspicion of being on a secret spying mission for Pakistan.

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