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Man shot dead while pretending to be a ghost

By T.K. Randall
December 29, 2018 · Comment icon 34 comments

It's not the first time that a YouTube stunt has resulted in a fatality. Image Credit: sxc.hu
A popular YouTube content creator from Pakistan was killed after a ghost scare prank went horribly wrong.
The incident, which saw Rana Zuhair of the Lahori Vines YouTube channel shot and killed instantly, happened during filming of a stunt in which he had been attempting to scare members of the public.

Everything had been going fine until Zuhair, who was dressed as a ghost with a white sheet over his head, approached a seemingly unsuspecting family in a park near Lytton Road, Lahore.

As he got near to them, one of the family pulled out a gun and shot him.

Zuhair, along with two other men - Hasnat Ali and Abdul Saboor - had previously worked on several similar stunts together in an effort to gain views for their YouTube channel.
Intriguingly, his two colleagues were themselves arrested on suspicion of planning the whole thing.

The incident follows on from another YouTube related death - that of a 22-year-old Minnesota man who was shot dead by his girlfriend earlier this year during a stunt that went badly wrong.

The goal had been to block the bullet using a book that he was holding, however it didn't work.

The woman was ultimately charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Source: Complex.com | Comments (34)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by paperdyer 5 years ago
Tragic, yes.  But he's definitely getting his 15 minutes of fame.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Avalanche 5 years ago
She's kind of hot ;-) :-P
Comment icon #27 Posted by hehuntsbeaver 5 years ago
Everyone knows you kill ghosts making a outgoing call with a cell phone.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Likely Guy 5 years ago
Comment icon #29 Posted by Likely Guy 5 years ago
Do you have her number?
Comment icon #30 Posted by freetoroam 5 years ago
No but i have her address. Miss sexy camel The Desert.  
Comment icon #31 Posted by freetoroam 5 years ago
I think its a  he. Let me just check. . . . .yep, its a - he.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Avalanche 5 years ago
Run away!!!! 
Comment icon #33 Posted by Mick Lethal 5 years ago
That's why I create/upload animation...it's safer.   
Comment icon #34 Posted by PrisonerX 5 years ago
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Now if only this would happen to a Bigfoot hoaxer stateside. 

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