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'Mystery creature' plagues Pakistani market

July 30, 2019 | Comment icon 35 comments

Is there a creature terrorizing Karachi or could this be a case of mass hysteria ? Image Credit:
At least two watchmen have reported seeing a large black creature with glowing eyes in Karachi, Pakistan.
Centered primarily around the city's Shershah flea market, the sightings were first reported by two separate watchmen on two consecutive nights.

The first - a man named Gulzar - had been performing his duties outside a warehouse when he heard dogs barking nearby and decided to go and investigate. He reported feeling a "strange sensation" before encountering a "black creature" with eyes "as bright as torchlight".

"I have never seen anything like that before [in 25 years as a watchman]," he said.
The following night, another watchman - Abdul Qayyum - reported seeing the same thing.

Once word started to get around about the mysterious nocturnal intruder, panic started to set in, with several more workers in the area claiming to have seen the creature.

Some even reported the sightings to the police and an investigation in to the mystery is now underway.

As things stand however, no conclusive explanation has yet been found.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #26 Posted by ScotDeerie 3 years ago
I have a haunted house, too. (60+ years in my family and still popping) Sure you don't want to stop by?  This house has been in my family since the 1960s. I bought it from my mother's estate a few years ago. Lots of things have gone on here in 60 years  but when I was cleaning out the house in prep for moving in myself, whatever is upstairs in the attic (where I used to sleep, and was often terrorized) started tossing things around and making a huge racket. I was so tired and so fed up, I simply said, "I swear to GOD I will smudge your ass into another dimension if you don't stop it."  It did.... [More]
Comment icon #27 Posted by Jon the frog 3 years ago
Americans testing a Boston Dynamics Robots in Pakistan for anti-terrorism ! Lets talk conspiration now !
Comment icon #28 Posted by ScotDeerie 3 years ago
Holy ****. I know (almost all) those words but that didn't make any sense at all!
Comment icon #29 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
not in my family but we bought this ( alleged haunted ) fixer upper about 4 years back  it was built around 1909 by a town fatcat its been a b&b , a sign company and speak easy, while the lady we bought it from was convinced its haunted we have seen zip, the best way to get spookies to leave you alone, dont believe in them. the joint does have hidden rooms/spaces semi secret doors etc, i solved several of the things that "haunted" the former owner the first week here.  
Comment icon #30 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
Yup. And I remember back in the sixties - especially with instamatic cameras, "red eyes" in instant photos was a real problem. They got it out with, I guess, an editor as you say. People thought that was a great advancement in photography. Seriously.  I had a similar experience with my dog. I went out to get him and he was just laying there in the dark. Geezus were his eyes ever eerie! And I knew it was my bestest buddy, Joe Dog. But I still felt a little better when he came toward me and into the light. I het to pet him to make sure he wasn't demonic  LOL
Comment icon #31 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
In the end, I can't say the whole incident is a nothingburger because of one item - "5 feet tall". hmmmm. 
Comment icon #32 Posted by ScotDeerie 3 years ago
It WAS scary.  Three sets of eyes just sort of blinked on and stared.  (They turned their heads toward me in sync when I came out, I guess, and then the light caught their eyes.)  The not moving was pretty creepy, too.  And, yes, those were my own beloved hounds and it was eerie. Imagine coming across that unexpectedly and not knowing what is behind those eyes.
Comment icon #33 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
but there lies a problem, we have an unknown alleged creature at an unknown distance with excited witnesses, research has proven people cant judge size well, it very well could have been the size of a large dog....  my neighbor has a dog that can stand and look me in the 6 ft 2
Comment icon #34 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
yeah but what he says is all we have to go by. If he gave a bit more vivid a deion besides "5 feet tall" and "jumped 20 feet" we could have something to think about. But he said not much and the reporter did not query him for more. All we got about the second guy was he "saw the same thing" LOL - big help. I have to say that when someone says "5 feet tall", I think of a creature that is bipedal. I don't know. If they see this creature again then maybe they will be a bit more revealing. Until then, I'm not holding my breath. 
Comment icon #35 Posted by Jon the frog 3 years ago
It can be the striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) but they are not that big...  

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