Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Space & Astronomy

How long would it take us to journey to an alien planet ?

 QM EPISODE  7-11-2024 | 8

The distances between stars are vast - but just how long would it take us to travel between them ?

Space & Astronomy

James Webb observes potentially habitable 'super-Earth' LHS 1140 b

7-10-2024 | 16

This relatively nearby world, which is a lot larger than our own, is situated approximately 49 light-years away.


Scientists find a new way to search for intelligent alien civilizations

6-27-2024 | 15

If an alien civilization has terraformed the atmosphere of a distant planet, we may be able to find it.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of plane that vanished in 1971 has been solved after 53 years

6-16-2024 | 1

The private jet and its passengers had vanished without a trace, leading to decades of fruitless searches.

Modern Mysteries

Underwater sound signals could help solve the mystery of MH370

6-13-2024 | 3

Detecting underwater acoustic signals could provide scientists with new insights into plane crashes.

Space & Astronomy

Spock's real-life home planet is not what it seems, new study finds

6-1-2024 | 3

A planet thought to be the real-life equivalent of Spock's homeworld Vulcan might not actually exist after all.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO captured on camera over New York during Blue Angels air show

 VIDEO  5-31-2024 | 11

An unknown object was spotted in a very brief clip recorded during the Memorial Day weekend activities.

Space & Astronomy

China's space plane releases another mystery object into orbit

5-30-2024 | 0

China's answer to the X-37B is doing something in Earth's orbit and nobody is quite sure what that might be.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists reportedly want to build a nuclear-powered 'UFO detector'

5-24-2024 | 22

Luring inquisitive extraterrestrials to our planet using nuclear radiation seems like a bit of a shot in the dark.

Space & Astronomy

New study offers update on possible detection of life on K2-18b

5-6-2024 | 8

Has the James Webb Space Telescope found life on a distant extrasolar world or could there be an alternative explanation ?


Could gamma-ray bursts explain the apparent lack of alien civilizations ?

5-2-2024 | 26

A type of rare, though extremely energetic and deadly cosmic event is able to wipe out whole planets.


James Webb to investigate possible signs of life on exoplanet K2-18b

 VIDEO  4-27-2024 | 8

A gas discovered in the atmosphere of this distant extrasolar planet is 'only produced by life', say scientists.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists find new evidence of the mysterious Planet Nine

4-24-2024 | 10

A team of planetary scientists has found new evidence of an undiscovered planet in the outer solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk speaks out about colonizing Mars and extraterrestrial life

 VIDEO  4-8-2024 | 4

The SpaceX CEO has some ambitious plans to build a thriving city on the Red Planet within as little as 20 years.


What was it that gave modern humans the edge over the Neanderthals ?

4-2-2024 | 16

Today, we are the only human species left on the planet - but what was it that made us so special ?

Modern Mysteries

MH370 mystery 10 years on: why have we still not found the plane ?

3-31-2024 | 2

Forensic experts explain what we do know about MH370's disappearance and why its whereabouts remain so elusive.

Science & Technology

World's fastest plane, the SR-72 'Son of Blackbird', could debut soon

 VIDEO  3-8-2024 | 9

Rumors have swirled for years around the development of a new type of hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft.

Space & Astronomy

US military's secretive X-37b space plane spotted in high orbit

2-11-2024 | 4

The details of the vehicle's latest mission are top secret, but that hasn't stopped an amateur astronomer from locating it.

Space & Astronomy

'Super Earth' discovered within distant star's habitable zone

2-5-2024 | 1

Astronomers have identified a potentially habitable extrasolar planet situated around 137 light-years away.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart's plane may have just been discovered 16,000ft underwater

 VIDEO  1-29-2024 | 5

An undersea mapping firm has captured a sonar image that is thought to show the late aviator's plane.

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