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Space & Astronomy

Scientist's image of Proxima Centauri turns out to be sausage

8-9-2022 | 19

A prominent scientist was forced to apologize after posting a photo of some sausage and claiming that it was a star.


Mystery signal picked up from Proxima Centauri

12-18-2020 | 137

Astronomers are currently investigating a signal coming from the direction of our closest neighboring star system.

Space & Astronomy

NASA working on plan to visit Proxima Centauri

12-20-2017 | 23

The mission would involve traveling 4.3 light years at around ten per cent of the speed of light.

Space & Astronomy

Proxima Centauri may have several planets

11-6-2017 | 8

Observations of our closest neighboring star have revealed the possible presence of multiple planets.

Space & Astronomy

Could we reach Earth 2.0 within 20 years ?

8-25-2016 |

The discovery of an Earth-like world around Proxima Centauri has spurred on efforts to send a probe there.

Space & Astronomy

Is Proxima Centauri home to a second Earth ?

8-16-2016 | 53

Scientists have allegedly discovered a potentially habitable planet within a neighboring star system.

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