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World of the Bizarre

Noisy cat achieves new Guinness World Record for loudest purr

 VIDEO  10-22-2023 | 2

14-year-old Bella Spink has a purr so loud that it has been likened to the volume of a boiling kettle.

Space & Astronomy

Could we reach Earth 2.0 within 20 years ?

8-25-2016 |

The discovery of an Earth-like world around Proxima Centauri has spurred on efforts to send a probe there.


Dino drawing or mud stain: proof of creation?

3-28-2011 | 84

A controversial cave drawing has spurred debate on whether or not it constitutes proof of creationism.

World of the Bizarre

Loudest cat purrs as loud as a jet plane

2-22-2011 | 21

A cat called Smokey has raised eyebrows with her deafening purr that can reach 92 decibels.

Nature & Environment

Cats 'exploit' humans by purring

7-14-2009 | 50

Researchers have determined that cats exploit a natural human bias by producing a purring sound that incorporates a simi...


Ancient flood may have spurred Noah's Ark

2-14-2009 | 6

A new study suggests that the biblical story of Noah's Ark may have been spurred by a much smaller flood that occured so...

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