Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Nature & Environment

Britain braces for invasion of 'ultra-rats' the size of rabbits

9-15-2022 | 12

Experts have warned that giant rats could be invading people's homes and gardens within a matter of weeks.

World of the Bizarre

Weird mutant rabbits walk around on two legs

 VIDEO  3-27-2021 | 7

Scientists believe that they have determined why a peculiar strain of rabbit walks around doing a handstand.

Modern Mysteries

Serial rabbit killer on the loose in France

10-28-2018 | 10

French authorities have been hunting for a mystery killer who has so far slaughtered more than 100 pet rabbits.

World of the Bizarre

Woman gets chased by stampede of rabbits

 VIDEO  2-20-2014 | 36

A recently uploaded video filmed in Japan shows a tourist being chased by hundreds of hungry bunnies.

Science & Technology

Scientists create glow-in-the-dark rabbits

8-17-2013 | 20

In a peculiar experiment, a science team has produced a colony of rabbits that glow green in low light.


Did the Neanderthals fail to hunt rabbits ?

3-3-2013 | 38

A new theory suggests that an inability to catch rabbits for food may have hastened their extinction.


Ancient giant rabbit fossil discovered

3-24-2011 | 23

The remains of a giant species of rabbit six times the size of today's rabbits has been discovered.

Nature & Environment

Rabbits go on snake killing rampage

9-17-2009 | 19

In a bizarre role reversal a 42-year-old man in Australia who had been finding dead snakes on his property discovered th...

Nature & Environment

Two-nosed bunny found in pet shop

4-5-2009 | 16

A pet shop owner in Connecticut was amazed to discover that one of the 6-week-old rabbits delivered to the store had two...

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