Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Science & Technology

Elon Musk wants to test Neuralink on humans within 6 months

 VIDEO  12-1-2022 | 17

The tech entrepreneur showcased footage of monkeys 'typing' using only their brains at an event earlier this week.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mysteries revisited: the twins who were murdered in a past life

10-22-2022 | 22

Ram and Shesh Narain Diwediamoo compelled many, including a prominent psychologist, with their unique reincarnation tale.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists weigh in on claims of 'phantom' UFOs over Ukraine

10-16-2022 | 23

Last month Ukranian researchers claimed to have observed large numbers of UFOs in the skies over the country.

Science & Technology

Scientists have spliced human brain tissue into the brains of rats

 VIDEO  10-12-2022 | 20

It might sound like an experiment worthy of Frankenstein, but we won't have to worry about 'rat men' anytime soon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ukraine's astronomers report that they have been seeing UFOs 'everywhere'

9-14-2022 | 23

An ongoing research effort to observe and document UAPs over Ukraine has reportedly turned up quite a lot of sightings.

Modern Mysteries

Lonely tribesman dies 26 years after his tribe was wiped out

8-29-2022 | 8

A man dubbed 'loneliest on Earth' has died after spending decades alone in the Brazilian rainforest.

Science & Technology

Scientists discover material with a brain-like memory

8-25-2022 | 12

It might not be alive, but this remarkable chemical compound seems to be able to remember things for several hours.

Science & Technology

Scientists create world's first ever synthetic embryos

8-3-2022 | 20

Embryo-like structures with a brain, intestines and a beating heart have been created by scientists in a lab.

Science & Technology

How can a person live normally with part of their brain missing ?

7-23-2022 | 4

Incredibly, many people have gone on to live healthy, normal lives even with sections of their brain absent.

Science & Technology

Your brainwaves could be used in criminal trials

7-16-2022 | 6

Witness testimony can be unreliable, but what if we could analyze brainwaves directly and use them as evidence ?

Science & Technology

Is it ethical to use human brain cells to make computer chips?

6-29-2022 | 10

Scientists are working on ways to combine human cells with computer chips - but is this something we should really be doing ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Kenneth Arnold 'flying saucer' sighting turns 75

 VIDEO  6-28-2022 | 50

75 years ago, pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted several strange objects in the sky near Washington's Mount Rainier.

Science & Technology

Why are we unable to remember being born ?

6-18-2022 | 18

Psychologist Vanessa LoBue explores the phenomenon of 'infantile amnesia' and why we can't remember our earliest years.

Science & Technology

When will you be able to upload your brain to a computer ?

6-11-2022 | 43

It has been a science fiction staple for years, but will we ever get the opportunity to do this for real and if so, when ?

Nature & Environment

What exactly is it that makes us smarter than other animals?

5-31-2022 | 15

Unlike other species, we can make vaccines, send probes to other worlds and build skyscrapers.

Modern Mysteries

Two children survive for a month alone in the Amazon rainforest

3-30-2022 | 9

Two young brothers recently went missing in the dense rainforest and were miraculously found alive 27 days later.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

UK government once wanted to use dolphins to hunt Nessie

3-24-2022 | 3

According to reports, Margaret Thatcher's government once planned to use trained dolphins to hunt the Loch Ness Monster.

Science & Technology

Brain scan captures last thoughts of a person as they died

2-23-2022 | 10

The groundbreaking study saw researchers record the brain activity of a patient dying of a heart attack.

Science & Technology

Where are memories stored in the brain ?

1-11-2022 | 55

Prof Don Arnold and colleagues have been attempting to solve the long-running mystery of where our memories are stored.

Science & Technology

Scientists train goldfish to drive a 'car' around a room

1-5-2022 | 12

The experiment used a specially created fish tank that could be steered around independently by the fish.

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