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Science & Technology

The secrets of sleep: five recent research breakthroughs

5-31-2024 | 1

From lucid dreaming to the way sleeping affects the brain - the mysteries of sleep are now slowly being revealed.

Science & Technology

Could remembering something actually damage our brain cells ?

4-29-2024 | 5

New research suggests that the process of forming long-term memories might damage the brain's nerve cells.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Filmmaker claims that Bigfoot may feast on the blood of wild animals

 VIDEO  4-26-2024 | 42

Bigfoot researcher and filmmaker Kelley Lockman has a theory concerning the discoveries of carcasses drained of blood.

Science & Technology

How feasible is it to transplant a brain from one head to another?

3-28-2024 | 9

Could someone realistically have their brain transferred to a new body or is this purely the stuff of science fiction ?

Science & Technology

Video shows Neuralink brain chip recipient playing chess 'telepathically'

 VIDEO  3-21-2024 | 10

For the first time, footage has emerged showing the capabilities of Elon Musk's Neuralink brain-computer interface chip.

Modern Mysteries

New Havana syndrome study raises more questions than answers

3-20-2024 | 16

Scientists have conducted advanced tests on the brains of those afflicted with the enigmatic condition.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ukrainian soldiers capture footage of disc-shaped UFO over war zone

 VIDEO  2-29-2024 | 62

The men, who had been operating a reconnaissance drone, spotted a wide, thin disc hovering in the distance.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery as disembodied human leg found on New York City subway

2-22-2024 | 4

The grisly and unnerving discovery left local authorities scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Brain implants: what are the ethical issues of wiring up our minds ?

2-16-2024 | 0

After Neuralink's recent announcement of a successful human trial, brain implants have become a topic of heated debate.

Science & Technology

Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human for the first time

1-30-2024 | 17

Elon Musk's ambitious brain-computer interface startup has carried out its first ever human brain implant procedure.

Archaeology & History

A valley of lost cities has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest

1-26-2024 | 2

LiDAR technology has made it possible for archaeologists to peer beneath the dense foliage.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Eerie figure in runner's Hawaii footage sparks 'nightmarcher' rumors

 VIDEO  1-26-2024 | 25

An ultramarathon runner unwittingly encountered a mysterious figure during a 100-mile race in the Hawaii rainforest.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop new way to make someone easier to hypnotize

1-8-2024 | 3

The non-invasive brain stimulation technique was shown to be effective at increasing a person's hypnotizability.

Space & Astronomy

Tatahouine: 'Star Wars' meteorite is teaching us about the solar system

12-24-2023 | 0

Fragments of the space rock rained down over Tatahouine, Tunisia - the filming location of Tatooine in Star Wars.

Space & Astronomy

James Webb reveals exoplanet where sand grains fall as rain

 VIDEO  11-16-2023 | 5

The planet, known as Wasp-107b, was recently revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors find metal needle in the brain of an 80-year-old woman

10-18-2023 | 2

The woman had seemingly lived for eight decades with the needle embedded in the left side of her brain.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Alleged 'Bigfoot' filmed from window of moving train in Colorado

 VIDEO  10-12-2023 | 47

A train passenger recently captured video footage of a hairy humanoid figure walking across a nearby hillside.

Science & Technology

Pregnant women could help to solve the mysteries of pareidolia

10-1-2023 | 1

Pareidolia is the brain's tendency to perceive meaningful shapes in abstract patterns, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

Science & Technology

Consciousness may rely on brain cells acting collectively

8-20-2023 | 9

Neurophysiologist Par Halje looks at how research into psychedelics could help us understand consciousness.


Row erupts over intelligence of early small-brained humans

7-23-2023 | 17

Whether or not some of the ancestors of modern humans were as brainy as believed remains a matter of contention.

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