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Space & Astronomy

SpaceShip Two's maiden flight a success

3-23-2010 | 10

In a major step towards the dream of commercial spaceflight SpaceShip Two's maiden test flight was a total success.

Space & Astronomy

Space pilot could be regular job within 20 years

1-20-2010 | 6

Piloting a spaceship could be one of many possible regular jobs within 20 years according to a new government study.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic prepare for test flights

12-3-2009 | 0

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic are preparing their sub-orbital space plane SpaceShipTwo for test flights in the hope ...

Science & Technology

Future spaceships powered by black holes ?

11-28-2009 | 25

The future of space exploration could be powered by black holes or dark matter based on new proposals by physicists, cur...

Science & Technology

"Impossible" device could propel flying cars

10-31-2009 | 7

Considered by many to be an impossibility, the Emdrive is a device that if real could propel everything from spaceships ...

Space & Astronomy

Spaceship passes critical review

9-3-2009 | 38

NASA's new space shuttle replacement, the Orion capsule, has passed a critical review. The new spacecraft is expected to...


Children traumatised by 'War of Worlds'

7-17-2009 | 34

Children at Southway Junior School in Sussex were left traumatised by a staged version of "War of the Worlds" in which a...

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic tests SpaceShipTwo

3-15-2009 | 2

Virgin Galactic are performing test flights of their new WhiteKnightTwo, a large aircraft that will be instrumental in l...

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