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Space & Astronomy

The future of space exploration demands major spacesuit upgrades

3-9-2024 | 1

Delays in the development of new spacesuits are proving particularly problematic for manned missions.

Space & Astronomy

NASA unveils new Artemis spacesuit prototypes

 VIDEO  10-16-2019 | 9

Keen to meet its 2024 deadline for returning to the Moon, NASA has unveiled its first new spacesuits in 40 years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA appears to be running out of spacesuits

 VIDEO  5-4-2017 | 1

There are now only eleven usable EMU spacesuits left and new ones won't be available for several years.

Space & Astronomy

Boeing unveils futuristic Starliner spacesuit

 VIDEO  1-27-2017 | 5

The new design is lighter and less bulky than the spacesuits worn by the space shuttle astronauts.

Space & Astronomy

Is the Moon toxic to humans ?

7-13-2012 | 13

Even with spacesuits and other protective equipment the lunar dust could prove lethal to astronauts.

Space & Astronomy

Why is moon dust sticky ?

4-24-2009 | 6

A scientist who has studied the question for four decades believes the answer lies in the Sun's ultraviolet and x-ray ra...

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