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'Storm Area 51' spawns copycat campaigns

7-19-2019 | 130

Inspired by the recent social media phenomenon, other people have started setting up their own 'storm' events.


Creator of 'Storm Area 51' comes forward

 VIDEO  7-18-2019 | 130

The Facebook user who started the campaign to storm the secretive military base has finally spoken out.


'Beach' optical illusion confuses the Internet

7-10-2019 |

This seemingly unremarkable image appears to show a tranquil shoreline on a starry evening, or does it ?

Space & Astronomy

Martian sand dune looks like Starfleet logo

6-13-2019 | 3

New images taken by NASA's MRO HiRise camera show a sand dune formation with a rather familiar shape.

The UFO Phenomenon

Starlink satellite train sparks UFO reports

 VIDEO  5-26-2019 | 12

A Dutch UFO website was inundated with reports on Saturday after a conga line of lights appeared in the sky.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery foam floods street in Chinese city

 VIDEO  5-24-2019 | 2

Pedestrians were left wading through a knee-deep tidal wave of suds after foam started bubbling from manholes.

Space & Astronomy

Humans on Mars could become a new species

5-22-2019 | 16

An evolutionary biologist has outlined what is likely to happen when people start living full-time on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's 9-year Moon landing plan has leaked

5-21-2019 | 15

An internal NASA diagram showing details of its plans for the next decade has started to circulate online.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Death Star' laser vaporizes matter

 VIDEO  5-9-2019 | 9

Scientists in Romania have built the world's most powerful laser with an output of over 10 petawatts.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole may have swallowed a neutron star

5-5-2019 | 2

Astrophysicists have detected the gravitational waves produced by a black hole colliding with a neutron star.

Space & Astronomy

'Alien' grain offers clues to early solar system

4-29-2019 | 0

Scientists have discovered a grain of dust left over from a stellar explosion that predated our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Earth was hit by interstellar visitor in 2014

4-17-2019 | 6

Scientists have revealed that a meteor from another star system may have collided with the Earth 5 years ago.

Space & Astronomy

Nearest exoplanet has potential to support life

4-16-2019 | 10

Scientists have determined that planets orbiting red dwarf stars may be capable of supporting primitive life.


Starving Neanderthals turned to cannibalism

4-3-2019 | 6

Researchers have determined why some Neanderthals may have resorted to butchering one another for food.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Lehigh Acres family terrified by haunting

 VIDEO  3-13-2019 | 12

Elizabeth Lightfoot and her family started to experience unusual occurrences after moving in to their new home.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman faints after viewing 'haunted' painting

3-1-2019 | 17

Lyn Cinderey started to feel unwell after viewing a piece named 'Sinister' at a haunted objects exhibition.

Space & Astronomy

Clearest image yet of Ultima Thule revealed

1-26-2019 | 8

The data gathered by New Horizons earlier this month is starting to unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic object.

Space & Astronomy

Space billboards could display ads in the sky

 VIDEO  1-20-2019 | 11

A firm in Russia is working to create the world's first space billboard using a constellation of small satellites.

Space & Astronomy

Satellite to offer 'shooting stars on demand'

1-18-2019 | 13

A Japanese startup has launched a satellite in a bid to create the first ever artificial meteor shower.

Space & Astronomy

William Shatner queries blue light in Mars video

1-18-2019 | 3

The legendary Star Trek actor had a question for NASA recently following the release of new footage from Mars.

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