Sunday, October 17, 2021
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William Shatner is going to space, aged 90

September 25, 2021 | Comment icon 55 comments

Boldly going where no 90-year-old has gone before. Image Credit: Twitter / William Shatner
The legendary Star Trek actor is set to become the oldest person ever to venture into space next month.
According to reports, Captain Kirk himself - William Shatner - will be one of the passengers aboard the next civilian flight of Jeff Bezos' New Shepard spacecraft when it launches in October.

Like the previous flight in July of which Bezos himself was a part, the launch will see Shatner and his fellow passengers reach the edge of space on a trip that will last only around 15 minutes.

If he does go, the Star Trek veteran will become the oldest person in history to venture into space.

There are rumors that a documentary will be filmed of the event, however Discovery allegedly rejected the concept and Shatner's team is now looking for an alternative channel to pick up the project.
While neither Bezos or Shatner have officially confirmed the flight, Shatner had previously mentioned it during a San Diego ComicCon panel earlier this year.

"There's a possibility that I'm going to go up for a brief moment and come back down," he said.

The current record holder for oldest person in space is 82-year-old aviation pioneer Wally Funk who joined Bezos during Blue Origin's previous flight in July.

If Shatner's flight does go ahead, Funk's record will have been broken within a matter of months.

Source: New Zealand Herald | Comments (55)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #46 Posted by Kittens Are Jerks 4 days ago
Just 11 minutes? Glad it all went well.
Comment icon #47 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 4 days ago
You would have been aghast at the 60's. Bell bottom trousers with paisley inserts and hair was everywhere .
Comment icon #48 Posted by Kittens Are Jerks 4 days ago
That was quite funny, but no I wouldn't have been aghast at the 60s. Great music, funky clothes, and all that peace love groovy stuff.
Comment icon #49 Posted by jethrofloyd 4 days ago
That was a great times! There is no way of filming the musical Hair nowadays.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Cookie Monster 3 days ago
He blubbered like a baby when he touched down going on about something to do with the blue sky and pure blackness.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Saru 3 days ago
Here's what happened when the capsule reached its highest point: Looks like Shatner was deeply moved by what he saw out of that window.
Comment icon #52 Posted by Manwon Lender 3 days ago
It almost looks like he is about to become sick, nowthat would be really funny to see the Captian of the Star Ship Enterprise blow chunks!
Comment icon #53 Posted by Kittens Are Jerks 2 days ago
Oh okay, here's the original:
Comment icon #54 Posted by Hammerclaw 2 days ago
Comment icon #55 Posted by el midgetron 2 hours ago

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