Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Science & Technology

How can we test to see if we are living in a computer simulation ?

11-26-2022 | 39

Is the world around us a computer simulation ? Physicist Melvin M. Vopson investigates how it might be possible to tell.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious Palmyra 'lord of the universe' deity identified

7-13-2022 | 5

The mystery of an unknown god referenced in inscriptions from the ancient city of Palmyra has finally been solved.

Space & Astronomy

How can we be so sure that dark matter exists ?

6-8-2022 | 15

It's supposed to be the most common form of matter in the universe, but nobody has ever actually seen it.

Space & Astronomy

'Something weird' happening with the universe, says NASA

5-21-2022 | 8

Data from the Hubble Space Telescope has highlighted a discrepancy with regard to the expansion of the cosmos.

Space & Astronomy

Could the universe exist without mathematics ?

4-11-2022 | 186

Mathematics is such a fundamental part of our reality that it is difficult to imagine the universe existing without it.

Space & Astronomy

Is there an 'anti-universe' that runs backwards in time ?

3-20-2022 | 15

A radical new theory aims to solve many of the universe's biggest mysteries, including dark matter.


Scientists could use 'epsilon machines' to hunt for alien life

3-1-2022 | 6

The search for alien life in the universe is ramping up thanks to new, more powerful computers and techniques.

Space & Astronomy

How could the Big Bang arise from nothing ?

1-4-2022 | 11

Some physicists believe that the beginning and the end of the universe might in fact be the same thing.

Science & Technology

If we live in a simulation, how much computer memory does it need ?

11-4-2021 | 67

Storing a simulation of the universe is likely to require more memory than the average video game.

Space & Astronomy

Could our universe be an alien science experiment ?

11-2-2021 | 28

Scientists have speculated over the possibility that our entire universe may have been created in a laboratory.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists are trying to 'listen' to the Big Bang

7-15-2021 | 4

Gravitational waves are helping scientists to unravel the mystery of what happened when the universe began.

Space & Astronomy

When black holes and neutron stars collide

7-4-2021 | 5

Exactly what happens when a black hole collides with one of the most dense stars in the known universe ?

Science & Technology

Particle is disobeying the known laws of physics

4-9-2021 | 9

Recent experiments involving muons have blown open a hole in our current understanding of the universe.

Space & Astronomy

Nearby planet is almost as old as the universe

 VIDEO  1-16-2021 | 3

Astronomers have identified a nearby extrasolar world that is not only terrestrial in nature, but also ancient.

Space & Astronomy

Oldest, farthest known galaxy identified

 VIDEO  1-9-2021 | 10

Astronomers have identified a galaxy that is not only the oldest in the known universe, but also the farthest away.


Intelligent life 'extremely rare', study claims

12-5-2020 | 144

A new Oxford University paper has cast doubt on the idea that the universe is teeming with intelligent alien life.

Space & Astronomy

The universe is like a giant human brain

11-18-2020 | 23

A new study has noted the striking structural similarities between the universe and the brain inside our heads.

Space & Astronomy

Penrose: 'there was a universe before this one'

10-9-2020 | 27

Sir Roger Penrose maintains that evidence of our universe's predecessor can still be seen in black holes.

Space & Astronomy

Ancient galaxy looks surprisingly familiar

 VIDEO  8-13-2020 | 2

A 12 billion-year-old galaxy in the distant universe looks uncannily like a miniature version of the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

What will happen at the end of the universe ?

8-7-2020 | 39

The Big Bang may have brought the universe into existence, but will a similar event bring about its demise?

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