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Ghosts & Hauntings

'Haunted wheelchair' spooks staff at hospital

 VIDEO  9-24-2019 | 48

A recently published viral video shows a wheelchair seemingly moving all on its own at a hospital in India.

Science & Technology

Stephen Hawking's wheelchair to go up for sale

10-22-2018 | 8

Several of the late physicist's scientific papers and possessions are to be sold at auction next week.

Nature & Environment

Injured turtle has a wheelchair made of Lego

 VIDEO  10-1-2018 | 5

The popular toy bricks were the ideal choice for building a custom wheelchair for a rather unusual patient.

World of the Bizarre

"Vampire" woman bites elderly man

9-10-2011 | 47

A woman in Florida was arrested after biting a man in a wheelchair while claiming to be a vampire.

Science & Technology

Wheelchair 'steered by thought' unveiled

7-2-2009 | 3

Toyota have announced that they have invented a system for allowing a person to steer an electric wheelchair using nothi...

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