Monday, September 21, 2020
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Have you ever lived in a haunted house, spotted a UFO, captured something unusual on camera or otherwise had a brush with the mysterious ? If so then we want to hear from you - please post your story up on our forum's Stories & Experiences section. Not registered ? You can create a free account - here.
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  Creature Encounters

Is the Boar Man real ?
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 4-26-2017 | 1 comment
Recently my husband and I traveled to the Wichita mountains wildlife refuge. We had been there a few times and the parallels forests is are favorite place to go...

Strange creature in South Africa
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 12-28-2016 | 9 comments
This was back in 1986 when I was still an Air force student. My friend David Allen and I were returning to AFB Hoedspruit one summer evening.It was close to 10p...

Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 4-15-2016 | 2 comments
I was out with my two brothers and my dad fishing at around twelve in the morning. Me being maybe twelve or thirteen at the time, William was older, and Jason w...

Chocolate fairy? Really?
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 4-6-2016 | 5 comments
I've always been one to find everything and anything unusual and not of the norm fascinating. How can you not? I grew up with parents that gifted me with a grea...

West Texas ghost town flyer
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 9-28-2015 | 6 comments
In 2005, my husband and I moved back to my early childhood town to care for a dying sibling. Soon after we arrived, he passed away. Due to the fact that there i...

Something roaming in the woods
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 7-19-2015 | 36 comments
This happened well over 10 years ago, so I cannot provide dates, but my experience happened in Salt Fork, Ohio. I had forgotten about it for years until a silly...

Strange growl
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 7-16-2015 | 11 comments
When I still lived with my parents I had the room facing the backyard and the next door house. In the garage in our backyard we had made a heated house for the ...

Loud screeching in the woods
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 7-10-2015 | 19 comments
My husband and I had visited a wooded area outside of town. We were walking in the trees and I felt a presence of an animal or something watching us. We though ...

A stranger in the night
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 2-11-2015 | 20 comments
Hi everyone I'm new to this thread, I'm hoping we have some open minded people in here. Well with that said here's my story, I know it to be true because I live...

Unknown entity in Gibraltar
Category: Creature Encounters | Posted on 7-9-2014 | 14 comments
I've been a member of this forum for quite some time but I had never noticed the stories that users could submit until recently. I've never been privy to anythi...

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Displaying results 10 - 20 of 23
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