Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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What could the Loch Ness Monster actually be ?

May 23, 2024 · Comment icon 23 comments
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Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by MysteryMike 19 days ago
Birds Eels Floating Longs Seals (They've swam up into the loch) Sturgeons Waves Take your pick.
Comment icon #15 Posted by sanchez710 19 days ago
Eels the most likely. Giant eel DNA has been detected in Loch Ness 
Comment icon #16 Posted by MrsGently 18 days ago
just watched it. Here one can see the original 1933 photo wapo ... or well one of them, right? It says he took more than that? But starting 1934 it already turned into what happens with these things: someone sees sthg interesting and a lot of people try to be funny/interesting and there is your 'myth'. Because frankly to me the first picture looks like some kind of metallic debris?
Comment icon #17 Posted by Saru 18 days ago
I think that particular picture was actually found to be a blurry image of a dog swimming across the water with a stick in its mouth.
Comment icon #18 Posted by MrsGently 18 days ago
lol I read that too. I totally can't see it though? But I am not really a visual person anyways... don't mind me. Looking forward to your next episode
Comment icon #19 Posted by Abramelin 18 days ago
I enjoyed it, especially the skeptical commentary. You maybe remember what I think was the origin of the legend: the bow of a Viking boat:
Comment icon #20 Posted by Essan 18 days ago
They are all the Loch Ness Monster.  It's just anything anyone sees in the Loch that they cannot themselves identify.  I once saw Morag, Nessie's cousin that lives in Loch Morar.  It took me quite a few minutes to eventually realise that the large creature I could see thrashing about in the water wsa actually just a rock being washed by waves....  
Comment icon #21 Posted by Shadowsfall 12 days ago
Yup a golden retriever if I’m not mistaken…
Comment icon #22 Posted by Shadowsfall 12 days ago
Great first episode Saru……I think maybe a sturgeon but who knows….Having grown up in Scotland and visiting Loch Ness on many occasions…holidays,excursions and just the sheer beauty of the surroundings I always found a certain mystic about the Loch….probably just my imagination idk….on a side note you don’t realise how green Scotland is till you have been away and returned after years away the place is just stunning really…
Comment icon #23 Posted by Piney 7 days ago
You sound like my Uncle Ron, but I don't mean that as a insult. 

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