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Are UFOs telepathic projections beamed from the stars ?
Columnist: Edward Crabtree | Posted on 1-6-2014 | 4 comments
A young man named Philip Freeman drove his girlfriend, Angela, through a wooded part of Surrey, in the South East of England, one November night in 1967. The wi...

The werewolf demon of London
Columnist: Ritoban Mukherjee | Posted on 1-1-2014 | 3 comments
The only reason stories of werewolves don't seem credible to me is that they tend to be very ancient ones, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. These cas...

Satellites – keeping the peace
Columnist: Waspie Dwarf | Posted on 12-27-2013 | 1 comment
On 6th December an Atlas 5 rocket roared into the Californian skies. On board was a satellite known only as NROL-39. It's design, purpose and mission kept secre...

Spiritualism ushering in women emancipation
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows | Posted on 12-22-2013 | 0 comments
Many spiritualists today don't know that the mid-19th century spiritualist movement was the axis and engine of the feminist movement. In manner of dress, right...

Time-space and the etheric template body
Columnist: Brendan D. Murphy | Posted on 12-17-2013 | 0 comments
In this essay, based on research from my book THE GRAND ILLUSION (VOL. 1), we will deal with the concepts of formative causation and “morphic fields” and relate...

Dinosaur extinction mechanism finally revealed
Columnist: Alexander Popoff | Posted on 12-12-2013 | 7 comments
In 1980, Science magazine published a dinosaurs-killed-by-a-giant-asteroid theory by Luis Alvarez. Critics asked how creatures outside the impact area were kill...

A medium brings a life-altering message
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows | Posted on 12-7-2013 | 2 comments
One beautiful summer day, I headed off to spend a weekend at the spiritualist community of the Lilydale Assembly with three of my graduated, advanced Tarot stud...

A haunting on Carrera Street
Columnist: Jamie Pearce | Posted on 12-3-2013 | 0 comments
Carrera Street in historic St. Augustine has seen many city residents come and go, so too has one particular house on the street. This house, located at 40 Carr...

Sound and consciousness in reality
Columnist: Drago De Silver | Posted on 11-28-2013 | 0 comments
Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a golf-ball size consciousness when reading a book, then you will have a golf-ball size understanding. This is why it is cruci...

The Legend of Spring-heeled Jack
Columnist: Ritoban Mukherjee | Posted on 11-23-2013 | 2 comments
One of the most abstruse paranormal entities to have baffled humanity is Spring-heeled Jack. The sightings began in the Victorian Era, when an evil phantom mask...

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Displaying results 20 - 30 of 1074
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Specially trained dolphins could soon clash in an underwater sea battle according to recent reports....
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Some people seem to have the ability to turn off streetlights simply by walking underneath them.
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The company wants to make the Moon brighter for the purpose of lowering global energy usage.
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Posted 4-21-2014 | 30 comments
If Easter is all about celebrating the resurrection of Christ then where does the Easter Bunny fit in ?
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