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  Green ghost
Green ghost
Image credit: © Rebbles

Uploader comment: I saw this weird green smoke coming through the door near ice cream cart. Fortunately I had my camera with me and had time to take this photo. When I saw the photo, the smoke appeared to be in ghostly form.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #76 Posted by 95-Nasty on 2 May, 2013, 13:45
Comment icon #75 Posted by Agniezska on 11 June, 2012, 6:34
O pitiful shadow, wandering in darkness Scarring people and degrading them The ball of karma drowned in sin : "Do you want to die this once ?"
Comment icon #74 Posted by Amoni on 10 October, 2011, 17:05
seriously? sad sad
Comment icon #73 Posted by PPRS-Gil on 13 February, 2011, 5:54
I think the ice cream cone was scarier.
Comment icon #72 Posted by tattooguy on 10 August, 2010, 13:22
davenvik posted on Apr 04, 2005 at 08:32 AM It's definitely a fake. You can tell that ice-cream is plastic. hahaha thats the funniest comment I have read on here
Comment icon #71 Posted by luvlee on 9 May, 2009, 5:59
Who uses a washing machine as an "ice cream cart"?
Comment icon #70 Posted by paragirl on 18 December, 2008, 19:38
So THATS where my bed sheet went!
Comment icon #69 Posted by rob awesome on 19 August, 2008, 20:00
That guy died from a severe neuralgia? (ice cream headache) and is simply returned to haunt the advertising sign from the shoppe that did him in and all you folk can do is make fun? you try going the entire afterlife with brain-freeze!
Comment icon #68 Posted by tinksbell on 20 July, 2008, 23:54
Comment icon #67 Posted by s.t.u. on 11 December, 2007, 2:28
First the head looks like Jesus the hands look like feet and there is a reflection in the table. Not sure.
Comment icon #66 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 20:45
but the way the icecream cone is errupting onto the picture above it makes me wonder... guess the washing machine was on spin cycle and Mr Cone got sick
Comment icon #65 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 20:44
lol yes I sure do think it is a fake! ;)
Comment icon #64 Posted by scotty2154 on 21 August, 2007, 13:47
I can't believe that you would insult our intelligence and try to tell us that this is for real. This is as fake as they come.
Comment icon #63 Posted by twegner on 30 June, 2007, 3:45
I know people use storage on there portchs. but what the heck is this. They need a garage sale.
Comment icon #62 Posted by morgan on 2 February, 2007, 2:37
hahahahaha. so fake... i want an ice cream that big!
Comment icon #61 Posted by jsan85 on 25 January, 2007, 1:51
Lol geez are you kidding me? did those "ghostly" looking images suddenly appear in your television too?
Comment icon #60 Posted by death worm on 13 October, 2006, 3:23
Ice cream yay! The ghost ruins the whole pic cause it wants to eat my ice cream :(
Comment icon #59 Posted by krayt12 on 9 August, 2006, 17:57
When i first looked at it i thought it was scary. lol, but its a clear fake but i could go for some ice cream and y put it in the washer! Or is it a dryer? o who cares, i wona ice cream!! And i dont think we're the only ones who want it, the ghost looks angry for some Vanilla, but i think it should just let us have it coz we have the stomachs for it. haha
Comment icon #58 Posted by margot on 3 April, 2006, 6:55
hahahh a ghost wearing a sheet!!! cliche!!!
Comment icon #57 Posted by spears39 on 30 March, 2006, 18:43
why would you put a perfectly good Ice cream cone in a washer????
Comment icon #56 Posted by mizz squitz on 9 March, 2006, 3:36
he's gota kinda eminem thing going on, eminem vs vanilla ice.
Comment icon #55 Posted by lady darkness on 4 March, 2006, 16:49
lmao...ITS A GIANT ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!! hehehe... snick snick snick... oh yeah the "ghost"... breathtaking and disgustingly FAKE!!!
Comment icon #54 Posted by sir_vince on 23 February, 2006, 21:20
if i was you i would take the ice-cream away...!!!
Comment icon #53 Posted by homer_jay on 8 January, 2006, 4:48
lol it looks like a member of the KKK
Comment icon #52 Posted by i do believe :) on 21 December, 2005, 20:48
..arrrh..scrooge is bk for christmas come on get real so fake lol
Comment icon #51 Posted by stitches on 5 December, 2005, 22:41
This hurts my brain knowing how extremely fake this is
Comment icon #50 Posted by juve on 5 December, 2005, 6:59
Me ghost. Me want ice-cream.
Comment icon #49 Posted by voodoodaddy44 on 4 December, 2005, 23:25
I smell dead people
Comment icon #48 Posted by juve on 2 December, 2005, 7:38
That's embarrassingly bad.
Comment icon #47 Posted by klausable on 1 December, 2005, 21:26
LMAO no comment
Comment icon #46 Posted by balou on 21 October, 2005, 22:23
Where is the ghost....all i can see is Mr. Whippy????
Comment icon #45 Posted by hood_man on 9 September, 2005, 18:14
Upcoming series of Doctor Who struggles under budget cuts.
Comment icon #44 Posted by danny bhoy on 5 September, 2005, 19:49
So the ghost was hungry. We all want an ice ream sometimes. FAKE
Comment icon #43 Posted by deyyaz on 5 September, 2005, 8:58
that's one of the worst fakes I've ever seen!
Comment icon #42 Posted by 1789 on 1 September, 2005, 5:16
gotta admit prtty cool
Comment icon #41 Posted by theghostofyou on 29 August, 2005, 3:55
It's the Phantom from Scooby-Doo!!!!
Comment icon #40 Posted by professor chaos on 30 July, 2005, 10:43
Dude, that is not fake. That ice cream cone is going to give me nightmares. Oh, is this about the green thing? That thing's fake. No ghost has a Caesar's haircut. Well, except for maybe Caesar's ghost.
Comment icon #39 Posted by quetzaquatl on 30 June, 2005, 15:18
I think the weird green smoke was coming from your pipe....put it down , dude, put it down....
Comment icon #38 Posted by theghost_and_thedarkness on 30 June, 2005, 5:07
This is possibly the funniest comment page I've seen on this site. Not to mention the funniest "ghost" picture. hats off to whoever did this, they had to know they'd get made fun of. Maybe they meant it as a joke?
Comment icon #37 Posted by angel88 on 18 June, 2005, 2:40
wow I don't know what to say about the fake looking ghost but the ice cream cone is really cool.
Comment icon #36 Posted by deadxangelxluva on 16 June, 2005, 20:05
looks like something I would wear for halloween!! he he he
Comment icon #35 Posted by robbelieves on 15 June, 2005, 16:28
Actually, i dont no what 2 believe
Comment icon #34 Posted by robbelieves on 15 June, 2005, 16:27
Well i think its real
Comment icon #33 Posted by whitewitch on 11 June, 2005, 21:57
Wots the weird ghosty stuff on the wall, mirroring the same shapes as the 'ghost'. Looks like a menu on the wall! That the real mystery, not the Hallowene costume!
Comment icon #32 Posted by murba on 30 May, 2005, 10:40
look at the ghosts left hand its bending it like a camp guy as if to say "what-everrrr"
Comment icon #31 Posted by coldethyl on 25 April, 2005, 21:05
i see a giant haunted ice cream cone going for sell on ebay.....
Comment icon #30 Posted by davenvik on 4 April, 2005, 8:32
It's definitely a fake. You can tell that ice-cream is plastic.
Comment icon #29 Posted by crazy-cat-lady on 27 March, 2005, 12:12
And my mom always told me there's no such thing as ice cream cones!
Comment icon #28 Posted by demented on 21 March, 2005, 2:32
FORTUNATELY had a camera-huh? Unfortunately, we're not stupid enough to fall for this one.
Comment icon #27 Posted by aravyndra on 4 March, 2005, 9:44
Ok. This is kinda sad and kinda funny at the same time. Definately fake. No doubt, but very entertaining.
Comment icon #26 Posted by painkiller on 28 February, 2005, 0:15
WOW ICE CREAM CONE!! wait, ghost? that thing? i like the big a$$ ice cream cone better, what is the square in the middle of the pic?
Comment icon #25 Posted by jonb on 25 February, 2005, 2:45
you would have thought they would have chosen a better image to manipulate? how about a graveyard, deserted house, old starwell? naah look ive got a good photo here of a giant ice cream cone in my washing machine
Comment icon #24 Posted by accused pheonix on 23 February, 2005, 17:34
Looks like everyone disagrees, so im not even gonna say anything. . .
Comment icon #23 Posted by hoagy on 12 February, 2005, 1:38
Looks like Eminem wearing a bedsheet...
Comment icon #22 Posted by grog on 3 February, 2005, 3:34
All you people seem to be missing something in this picture. Now look very closely towards the center. If you keep an open mind, and squint your eyes just right, you can almost make out an ice cream cone. Creepy.
Comment icon #21 Posted by howdydoo on 28 January, 2005, 21:47
Looks like a ghost of the KKK. Anybody here see Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? I love that movie.
Comment icon #20 Posted by iseedeadppl on 18 January, 2005, 0:46
Boy you people killed me with the icecream cone in washer comment! I was tear-laughing here . It looks like a statue with a long beard to me. I think its fake
Comment icon #19 Posted by cyanis on 12 January, 2005, 13:37
Why couldn't Batman have come out of the closet before he died?
Comment icon #18 Posted by lionel hutz on 3 January, 2005, 4:23
def that ghost from opening credits of scooby doo, you know the bit with the open door and hand. wacked out on scooby snacks
Comment icon #17 Posted by good ol skeptico on 25 December, 2004, 10:01
I think the ice cream cone is more fascinating than the 'ghost'.
Comment icon #16 Posted by neverheardofit on 15 December, 2004, 21:22
The mental asylum opened for halloween I see.
Comment icon #15 Posted by spooky7272 on 14 December, 2004, 4:23
That reminds me of the scooby doo ghosts.
Comment icon #14 Posted by lilcuriousgirl on 13 December, 2004, 1:20
Comment icon #13 Posted by insight on 18 November, 2004, 8:35
Iiiice creeeammm.....giiive meeeeee......IIIICE CREEEAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Comment icon #12 Posted by tetanus on 17 November, 2004, 6:46
Haha. Anyone who believes this picture is real must be a moron. This is terribly done... try harder next time.
Comment icon #11 Posted by foppishmoosh on 11 November, 2004, 15:14
I think its important to keep an open mind about these things. Although it would be easy to dismiss the image at first glance, it is possible that spirits are damned to wear sheets and function with permanently limp wrists.
Comment icon #10 Posted by gargyrl on 7 November, 2004, 4:53
the first thing that bothers me about this photo is the comment by the photographer that says he saw this mist by the ice cream CART, what, did he mean the cone in the washing machine, the second is that the green ghost has on like spandex shorts.
Comment icon #9 Posted by ladyapril on 28 October, 2004, 7:37
give me a break
Comment icon #8 Posted by southerngimp on 26 October, 2004, 5:51
Not only is it a fake, it's a BAD fake!
Comment icon #7 Posted by neverheardofit on 22 October, 2004, 18:40
Ther ie no way thats a smoke form looks way to clear.What is that green dude meant to be anyway? looks like a dude in a tights.
Comment icon #6 Posted by mothboy on 10 October, 2004, 10:57
Comment icon #5 Posted by gemesis23 on 8 October, 2004, 10:22
Nice halloween costume, but not a ghost, for some reason I am craving an ice cream cone, not sure why.
Comment icon #4 Posted by spgtmg89 on 7 October, 2004, 21:43
I scream, you scream, we scream for a green fake ghost!
Comment icon #3 Posted by shadow_kittie on 4 October, 2004, 7:29
Why is there a huge ice cream cone in the washer?
Comment icon #2 Posted by rocksnikki on 4 October, 2004, 2:22
lol. faker than hell. whats with the icecream cone?
Comment icon #1 Posted by joceeghost on 2 October, 2004, 22:20
this looks like it has been genetored in to the picture totally fake.
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