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  Pushy Ghost
Pushy Ghost
Image credit: © Dayna

Uploader comment: This photo was captured with a Sony Cybershot 4.1 and was taken on April 24, 2005 in Cohoes, New York. Hands are clearly visible.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #17 Posted by 95-Nasty on 2 August, 2014, 16:50
Only in America!
Comment icon #16 Posted by atwarwithsatan on 4 January, 2011, 5:26
Yes your hands are clearly visible yup yup! lol!
Comment icon #15 Posted by HoaxHunter on 3 January, 2011, 14:59
This is merely a Long Exposure photo, that light streak you easily just be a light bulb in the background and to create those hands you just need to walk past the camera, it will only faintly record the image, which in turn creates this kind of picture. I never fall for a long exposure, simply because I have worked with Photography for many years and no everything about it. SO don't try and fool me.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Raidoner on 3 January, 2011, 10:48
LOL, that is not a ghost!
Comment icon #13 Posted by tattooguy on 10 August, 2010, 15:14
hands are not cleary visib;e. Energy streaks as S.T.U stupidly calls them are caused by slow shutter motion blur
Comment icon #12 Posted by s.t.u. on 10 December, 2007, 15:24
I love energy streaks, they are much more prominent from the other side than 'orbs' yet people shun them. I can't wait for the day we all come back as an orb and people call us dust. Hahaha. I love these types of photos they are my most favorite and thank you for sharing.
Comment icon #11 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 23:38
I live near Cohoes... so do tell where i can go see this amazing phenomenon? *cough cough*
Comment icon #10 Posted by spirit_wolf on 19 August, 2006, 0:37
*stares hard* All I see are very bright lights. Those "hands" We may see are just a trick of the eyes. Sorry, but most of the "orbs" and pictures like this have logical, and simple explanations.
Comment icon #9 Posted by jimmytheclown on 27 October, 2005, 19:03
this is just a piece of cheap trickery!
Comment icon #8 Posted by jonb on 9 August, 2005, 1:31
picture taken with flash, but the shutter stayed open after, the guy taking the picture moved the camera because he thought it was done, light source and other brighter objects in the shot went blurry and created motion streaks. thats all it is
Comment icon #7 Posted by flaxengrass on 3 August, 2005, 7:44
It's the hands that were holding the flashlight!
Comment icon #6 Posted by nme_locus on 20 May, 2005, 2:29
the light thing is easier to produce than the hands to me... swing around a small light fixture or any color glowstick attached with fishing string..... "talk to the hand and not my face"
Comment icon #5 Posted by filoli on 16 May, 2005, 16:07
I don't agree with the "hands are clearly visible", it's just an optical illusion. However, the light show is spectacular and I see no explanation for it.
Comment icon #4 Posted by marcin t on 15 May, 2005, 0:49
i'm just bored this kinda of photos
Comment icon #3 Posted by kurogawa_ryuu on 13 May, 2005, 6:17
its just a still image, just as someone was throwing a molotov, i feel sorry for the store owner
Comment icon #2 Posted by robbelieves on 6 May, 2005, 5:20
With the distortion of the lighting- and the similarity between the colouring of the background and the light, the shape that looks like a hand could be anything. The fingers, and the palm look rather blockish to me. Sorry.
Comment icon #1 Posted by tainteddoughnuts on 4 May, 2005, 7:50
i dont get it... and those "hands" could be anything! i dont see a thumb in the hands though
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April 30, 2005, 10:06 pm
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