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Image credit: © Miss Mandy

Uploader comment: My step brother and my two sisters are posing for a pic that my stepmother is taking here. She swears that she was not smoking and the fog did not show when she took the pic. Im not saying this pic is unexplainable, but I am curious because my sisters faces are completely coverd and my brothers face remains completely unobstructed.


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #17 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 2 November, 2011, 5:55
Here you have three person smoking on the pic....theres was obviously someone else smoking near the camera... This makes alot of smoke....the covered face is a coincidence....
Comment icon #16 Posted by energysensitive on 9 March, 2011, 7:53
Is the person right next to you smoking? Since it's not going from bottom to top but directly across it just seems there is some one standing next to you.
Comment icon #15 Posted by soulseeker on 16 April, 2009, 2:28
Well they wern't actually smoking the ciggerettes...just holding them... And that makes all the difference...LoL
Comment icon #14 Posted by mskatsipoulis on 23 November, 2008, 9:21
You can see its smoke causing the effect.. that what cig smoke looks like in pics.. i have many like that... lol @ not smoking but all 3 in the pic have ciggies, hahahahahaha...
Comment icon #13 Posted by girlieghost on 13 July, 2008, 1:18
of course no one was smoking! what would give you that idea? lol
Comment icon #12 Posted by duanenixonfourtwentyyet?? on 2 June, 2008, 21:36
ok so she swears she isnt smoking yet her and the guy are holding a cig. Yeah ok
Comment icon #11 Posted by cat cadaver on 16 December, 2007, 1:44
It's smoke.
Comment icon #10 Posted by arden on 17 November, 2007, 5:40
hmmm....lit cigarettes can cause smoke? OMG who'd of thought?!
Comment icon #9 Posted by caddoboy77 on 2 October, 2007, 7:49
honestly i couldnt stop laughing for five minutes on this one.
Comment icon #8 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 16:29
lmao not real cigarettes... must be the candy ones... come on missmandy be serious... no one was smoking? *bangs head off of wall*
Comment icon #7 Posted by xxbrodstaxx on 20 March, 2007, 12:27
The First Girl, The Smoke Over Her Face. It Looks Like A Hawk No?
Comment icon #6 Posted by crypticat on 14 September, 2006, 21:29
But there is an evil face to the right of the girls and I dont think it is smoking but it could be. And below the evil face there is an evil dog face with horns.
Comment icon #5 Posted by hypnotist on 6 August, 2006, 0:31
Even the guy on the T-Shirt is bleedin smokin!!
Comment icon #4 Posted by beastiej on 1 August, 2006, 5:43
Didn't you look at this picture before you submitted it? Are those just "props" they're holding in their hands? I do believe in ghosts and have some very interesting photos myself. But you can see the smoke coming from the cigarettes. Time to get new glasses
Comment icon #3 Posted by jacques terreur on 28 July, 2006, 10:38
a big "fog you" to anybody who thinks this could be anything else than cigartette smoke..... ...does that chick on the right wear a "petrocelli"-t-shirt??
Comment icon #2 Posted by jonb on 24 July, 2006, 21:40
haha, this is a pure example of why i dont like photos where people say I SWEAR I WASNT SMOKING!!!!11 because we take their word for it if we do believe them, and look.. probably the smokiest bunch of smoking smokers ever seen
Comment icon #1 Posted by phenomenon on 24 July, 2006, 15:19
Would that be a cigarette in her hand? I think it is. Oh wait, I see 3 cigarettes, I'm assuming they emit smoke? I hope her fingers were crossed when she swore she wasn't smoking. ;)
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Miss Mandy
July 20, 2006, 11:54 pm
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