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  Lights and Hand
Lights and Hand
Image credit: © SAMcC2990

Uploader comment: My cousin, his friends, and I were walking through a Graveyard in Greenwood, IN late at night... One girl took pictures, and this is what we got. Lights which look very similar over gravestones, and notice that my hand is gone when i was pointing at the gravestone infront of me.


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 Back garden anomalies
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #18 Posted by tattooguy on 10 August, 2010, 13:49
ok, its not photoshop, and its not done deliberate. This is how it is done, the lights in the back are motion blur, this is an example of double exposure on digi cams. The shutter is open a little longer making the trails of light but the flash has also gone off which has captured the people in front clearly, just a flash mistiming, easily done
Comment icon #17 Posted by msmith1234 on 8 March, 2010, 9:12
OMG... you were walking towards the triangle of the BEAST!!!
Comment icon #16 Posted by demonmonkey on 25 January, 2009, 0:17
It looks like a 6 on each of the lights
Comment icon #15 Posted by tinksbell on 21 July, 2008, 0:21
sorry about the hand dude... maybe you'll grow another?
Comment icon #14 Posted by s.t.u. on 10 December, 2007, 4:56
This is possible energy streaks that I have captured as well, many times in cemeteries. If the camera was moved while taking the photo the rest of the image captured would had to been blurred, don't you think? Also she is young obviously, see all the children in the photo do you really think she took a fake photo this ingenious? GREAT CAPTURE.
Comment icon #13 Posted by beautiful enigma on 7 December, 2007, 8:05
Neon spirits if it isn't doctored it could have been something with your camera, I don't know.
Comment icon #12 Posted by oushgirl on 13 September, 2007, 22:11
I fully agree with offamychain. This picture is a complete waste of time. The lights look like the inside of a lightbulb and you put your shirt over your hand. Sad that you so desperately wanted attention that you posted this. Offamychain the orb pictures and pictures like these would be the first to go in my vote as well.
Comment icon #11 Posted by necrochildk on 29 August, 2007, 10:30
Aaah, hand's not gone, I see your finger.
Comment icon #10 Posted by samcc2990 on 8 August, 2007, 5:30
no... i saved it to my desktop from my cousins g/f's facebook
Comment icon #9 Posted by Oppono Astos on 7 August, 2007, 21:05
Strange then that you knew how to strip the EXIF data from the image before posting.
Comment icon #8 Posted by samcc2990 on 7 August, 2007, 5:43
explain to me how to post it with the EXFI Data, I'm no photographer by any means...
Comment icon #7 Posted by offamychain on 6 August, 2007, 23:05
Here's an idea. If you have a picture of a possible ghost, post it on an unexplained mysteries site. If you have an obvious picture of some type of non-paranormal camera anomaly, post it o a forum devoted to photography. You'll get an answer ALOT quicker that way. We're here to try to ID ghosts & stuff....not the squiggly lines that often appear in photos which have been overexposed, had the camera shake, or taken at night-time witha long shutter speed. I wish there were ome rules regarding what type picture could actually be posted. We'd have much less of this type n...
Comment icon #6 Posted by Oppono Astos on 5 August, 2007, 17:00
Again - any chance of the image being reposted complete with its EXIF data? Looks like the camera is being waved about during a long exposure.
Comment icon #5 Posted by samcc2990 on 5 August, 2007, 16:41
ok, whatever... i still dont see it now explain what those lights are... i think its because the camera was being used while she was walking
Comment icon #4 Posted by cryptoman on 4 August, 2007, 7:47
yeah it is, you can see your finger sticking out of your sleeve!
Comment icon #3 Posted by samcc2990 on 3 August, 2007, 22:56
i already andmitted they look the same... plus i dont have photoshop, i just want an explanation to what it is
Comment icon #2 Posted by Oppono Astos on 1 August, 2007, 16:40
Any chance of the image being reposted complete with its EXIF data? Looks like the camera is being waved about during a long exposure.
Comment icon #1 Posted by cthulhu. on 1 August, 2007, 12:30
Okay....That's biggest piece of bull crap I've ever heard.......and seen!........the lights all look the same shape so you must've photoshopped one and changed it's colors to make more, and your hand hasn't dissappeared, you're holding it in your sleeve......There's nothing paranormal in this picture.
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July 31, 2007, 3:53 am
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