Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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The Eridanus Void: is it a giant black hole ?

Posted on Wednesday, 26 May, 2010 | Comment icon 17 comments | News tip by: thefinalfrontier

Image credit: Alain R

A radical new theory suggests that a billion light-year void in space is actually one enormous black hole.

The void is located in the Constellation Eridanus, stretches over a billion light-years across and appears to contain neither matter nor dark matter leading to speculation that it could in fact be a single gigantic black hole.

"The apparent development of a large void of some billion light-years in diameter in the Constellation Eridanus appears to be improbable given current cosmological models."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Davedini on 26 May, 2010, 21:49
I like how they explained Dark Energy very interesting but i agree with what was said above
Comment icon #9 Posted by Soupy on 27 May, 2010, 0:24
i find this theory absolutely terrifying
Comment icon #10 Posted by Astute One on 27 May, 2010, 2:25
It's God's house. The place where He keeps the holographic projector. I hope He doesn't trip over the cord and pull the plug.
Comment icon #11 Posted by pixiii on 27 May, 2010, 4:12
A bit scary indeed.
Comment icon #12 Posted by sepulchrave on 27 May, 2010, 4:28
Not really. If there were a black hole a billion light years across (there isn't, see above) you probably wouldn't notice if the Solar system fell into it. The event horizon of very very large black holes is simply a point of no return; you can't get back out of it but the space-time curvature is too gradual to tear you to pieces. If you fell across the horizon of a black hole a billion light years across it would take millions (if not billions) of years until you were crushed.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Drj312 on 27 May, 2010, 4:33
have you read The Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind? I recommend to anyone here who is interested in black holes. He talks about what you said in your post, for example
Comment icon #14 Posted by sepulchrave on 27 May, 2010, 5:43
No, I haven't. I'll have to check it out.
Comment icon #15 Posted by pbarosso on 27 May, 2010, 8:33
what? the bigger the black hole the larger the event horizon? that doesnt even make sense. you would be torn to shreds no matter what. it would still compact you and galaxies into elementary particles and it wouldnt take longer. the event horizon is like a line where the parts of you that enter it first are torn off of you. sure time would stand still in the event horizon but not for anyone watching. they would see you ripped to shreds layer millimeter by millimeter. and time would slow the closer you got to it for you but not for anyone watching. relativity.
Comment icon #16 Posted by pbarosso on 27 May, 2010, 8:35
also i was thinking about that paragraph that states the huge black hole would gobble everything up and then just exist as a huge singularity in a giant void. but would it? wouldnt it be more likely to be a singularity with time-space curved so severely that there would be no 3 dimensions outside of the singularity?
Comment icon #17 Posted by sepulchrave on 27 May, 2010, 9:32
I'm not sure what you think you know about black holes, but the event horizon is the ``size'' of the black hole. In the simple, non-rotating case the radius of the black hole's event horizon is proportional to the mass of the black hole. Eventually you would be compacted. The event horizon is simply the point of no return. Sure, if you let half your body cross the event horizon and had your upper half attached to something that could instantly pull you back with a ridiculous amount of force you would get ripped in half (of course even if you weren't near a black hole a ... [More]

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