Monday, May 30, 2016
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Was God's wife edited out of the Bible?

Posted on Monday, 21 March, 2011 | Comment icon 249 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou believes that God had a wife that has been edited out of the Bible.

Dr Stavrakopoulou is an atheist with a doctorate in theology, in a new BBC documentary she makes the case for the wife of God, Asherah - who would have sat alongside him and was presented as a deity in Israel.

"A leading academic has claimed that God has a wife who was edited out of the Bible."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #240 Posted by alienmojo on 1 April, 2011, 10:15
Your right. I live in a Mormon town (I think I'm the only non-Mormon here sometimes)and they have spoken of her quite frequently. Mainly that God the father and his wife made spirit babies (us) and populated this world. Ultimately every Mormon wants to become a God themselves and populate their own world with spirit babies that will praise and honor them as their 'God'. This also means that the God of this world was made by another God somewhere and that God... well, you get the idea.
Comment icon #241 Posted by Blue Lizard on 1 April, 2011, 18:26
I stand corrected. Hypothesis must be testable. Nevertheless, just because something is not testable does not make it unscientific. Something unscientific has to be disproved. So I was wrong about the semantics but your idea about this is still wrong. Something unscientific has to be disproved. An idea that is not testable doesn't automatically make it unscientific. This is where you are wrong. For example, we cannot quite prove if there are parallel universes yet by scientific methodology but that doesn't mean it unscientific. Most scientists believe in it but it is just not testa... [More]
Comment icon #242 Posted by Rlyeh on 2 April, 2011, 7:34
Unscientific means it can not be used as a scientific explanation. I don't know how it can be made anymore simpler for you to understand. You're redefining words and making up your own rules as you go along. If you can't grasp it by now, you never will.
Comment icon #243 Posted by DigitalDreamer on 4 June, 2011, 18:55
God dosn't exist so why is this topic even here?
Comment icon #244 Posted by AZTom on 6 June, 2011, 22:19
The Bible was not supposed to be edited and even if it is, it is not for us to say what is right and wrong in the Bible. I say this because people will always try to add in the little adjustments to get their own personalized version of right or wrong like this woman who is trying to put in a Goddess and make it less feminist. Other people are going want the bible to be gender neutral, and others want to get rid of Leviticus because they don't agree with it. Apparently it is not possible to try and find the accurate early version of the Bible, without adding our own personal bias to it, an... [More]
Comment icon #245 Posted by Silverbane81 on 7 June, 2011, 0:03
I'm not at all suprised by this. Anyone with common sense knows the bible has been re-written and "translated" so many times and by whom?? MEN. I do recall in Genesis It stated: We created them in OUR image. maybe not the exact phrase but close enough however every religion has Gods and Goddesses, The egyptians,The greeks,The Vikings, and the Old Celtic Traditions. Thats why the christian faith has always bothered me. the bible makes women out to be Lesser equals then men, so By eliminating goddess from it and leaving just GOD, males are that much more in charge of things, Especi... [More]
Comment icon #246 Posted by DigitalDreamer on 10 June, 2011, 23:36
Statement still stands
Comment icon #247 Posted by Santa Is Real on 12 June, 2011, 4:44
Hm how do we know god has a gender? Jesus is his own dad and god at the same time, maybe god Is a wOman?
Comment icon #248 Posted by Santa Is Real on 12 June, 2011, 4:44
Hm how do we know god has a gender? Jesus is his own dad and god at the same time, maybe god Is a wOman?

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