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Was Bin Laden really buried at sea ?

Posted on Wednesday, 7 March, 2012 | Comment icon 780 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: CC 2.0 Sajjad Ali Qureshi

Leaked emails reportedly suggest that Bin Laden was actually taken back to the US for cremation.

The emails were obtained by the infamous hacker group 'Anonymous' from Stratfor, an organisation that deals with geopolitical and intelligence analysis that some call the 'Shadow CIA'. While the emails seem to confirm that Bin Laden was indeed killed during the raid on his compound, they suggest that his body wasn't buried at sea but returned to the US to be cremated at a secret location.

"The claims are sure to stoke conspiracy theorists, especially since the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology that Burton refers to closed its doors on September 15, 2011, four months after bin Laden's death."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #771 Posted by AngelOfBetrayal on 27 March, 2014, 11:27
Not many, sure, but there's a world of difference between not mentioning it, and deliberate falsehood. What Bush, Cheney, Rice and various others did (and continue to do) since 9/11 is deliberate, contrived falsehood. Deliberate, contrived falsehood about the deaths of thousands of people. Without a single repercussion. To deny that there are people in the US establishment who don't 'want war' is incredibly naïve. I never said the government planned or carried out those attacks. If you pressed me for a theory, I'd lean towards a few, maybe as few as 3 or 4 ... [More]
Comment icon #772 Posted by Babe Ruth on 27 March, 2014, 12:41
Fortunately, I printed out the article by E.P. Heidner. I have no idea why it "can't be found", but I do have my suspicions, as it was rather inflammatory if one believes the official conspiracy theory. Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham and Karl Schwarz did a lot of research, and Heidner wrote his synopsis of the financial shenanigans associated with the events of 11 September back in June of 2008. It's funny how things that work against the OCT have a way of "vanishing" from the internet. Thank God for printers, eh?
Comment icon #773 Posted by skyeagle409 on 27 March, 2014, 17:07
Perhaps they came around to the reality there was no government conspiracy.
Comment icon #774 Posted by Babe Ruth on 27 March, 2014, 19:11
No, they are too honest and far too informed to reach that absurd conclusion. To "come around to the reality" that the OCT is true, one must deny virtually all the facts and evidence. They did the reverse--researched and studied on their own.
Comment icon #775 Posted by skyeagle409 on 27 March, 2014, 19:15
They probably decided to close up the shop when they determined that facts, data, and other evidence did not support false claims of the 9/11 Truther Movement. After all, it has been over 12 years since the 9/11 attack and still no evidence of a government conspiracy.
Comment icon #776 Posted by Sweetpumper on 27 March, 2014, 19:29
Why doesn't the al qaeda SCUBA team go after the body?
Comment icon #777 Posted by DecoNoir on 27 March, 2014, 19:39
SCUBA can only get you so far before the pressures would crush your body like a cheap plastic bottle. Also it's a good bet the corpse would be fish **** by now, or more likely a couple of weeks after it was dumped.
Comment icon #778 Posted by Babe Ruth on 28 March, 2014, 12:23
Heck, maybe those radical muslim crewmembers of Flight 370 were trying to crash the airplane at OBL's watery grave, eh? Maybe AQ Navy was out there transmitting the location of that grave?
Comment icon #779 Posted by skyeagle409 on 28 March, 2014, 14:16
I don't find it amusing that you consider the tragedy of Flight 370 something to joke about.
Comment icon #780 Posted by skyeagle409 on 28 March, 2014, 14:20
On the contrary, the evidence supports the official reports, which is how it was determined your nuke story was false.

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