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The search for Amelia Earhart resumes

Posted on Wednesday, 21 March, 2012 | Comment icon 18 comments | News tip by: Karlis

Image credit: Wikipedia

As the 75th anniversary of her disappearance approaches it is still unclear what happened to her.

A new expedition will be launching this summer to try and solve the mystery once and for all. Filmed by the Discovery Channel, the search efforts will focus on and around the uninhabited island of Nikumaroro in the Pacific where some believe Earhart may have lived out her final days as a castaway. "Now Amelia Earhart may have been an unlikely heroine for a nation down on its luck, but she embodied the spirit of an America coming of age and increasingly confident, ready to lead in a quite uncertain and dangerous world," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"With support from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the US State Department and Discovery Channel which will be documenting the expedition for a television special later this year, the expedition will be carried out by the The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has long been investigating the last, fateful flight taken by Earhart 75 years ago."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by missymoo999 on 22 March, 2012, 3:37 She was a spy ?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Myles on 22 March, 2012, 11:40
That's just a conspiracy theory. Probably no truth to it. Although I imagine she was asked to take note of things she saw.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Rafterman on 28 March, 2012, 13:30
Not Gillespie and Nikumaroro again. Of course they've found artifacts on Niku - the place has been inhabited in one way or another for well over 100 years. It's not the deserted island that Gillespie claims. It was a standard stopping point for whalers throughout the 19th century and there was even a British base on the island for several years in the 20th century. There were even women who lived there.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Spectre1979 on 2 April, 2012, 3:38
I hope they find her, they need to find the plane first.
Comment icon #13 Posted by skookum on 2 April, 2012, 15:32
Probably be found on Ebay
Comment icon #14 Posted by Spectre1979 on 2 April, 2012, 23:48
lol probably some truth in that!
Comment icon #15 Posted by PeacefulAnarchy on 8 May, 2012, 5:56
Don't see the point, she's not exactly going to look pretty...
Comment icon #16 Posted by Habitat on 8 May, 2012, 6:24
I believe I saw a doco where a relative of Earhart was told at the end of the war, by Admiral Nimitz, that the Japanese had captured her, but to keep that info mum..
Comment icon #17 Posted by Spectre1979 on 8 May, 2012, 7:01
I saw a doco where they alleged that same thing and that some soldiers (or whatever) had seen the plane and documents. Also a woman claimed to have witnessed Earheart and her co pilot being executed and buried. They dug for a while and found cloth supposedly which was her blindfold. I'm kinda 50/50 about that.
Comment icon #18 Posted by PsychicPanda on 31 May, 2012, 15:35
uhmmm who is she? sorry guys. i really cant relate to this.

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