Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Experts examine Russian 'UFO fragment'

Posted on Thursday, 22 March, 2012 | Comment icon 45 comments | News tip by: sean6

Image credit: DmitrySA

Space experts have been investigating a strange metallic object that fell from the sky over Siberia.

The six-foot object resembles a large dustbin lid and remains under police guard after it was found by locals near the small village of Otradnensky. "The object found is not related to space technology," said the Russian space agency Roscosmos. "A final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the object by experts." It wasn't long before the media picked up the story and labelled the mysterious object a 'UFO fragment'.

"Initial theories that it was part of a space rocket or a satellite form a failed launch in Kazakhstan have been denied."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #36 Posted by bouncer on 23 March, 2012, 23:22
This really is space junk: Russian space experts examine 200-kilo metal 'UFO dustbin lid' which fell from the sky in Siberia Russian space experts are seeking to solve the mystery of 'a UFO fragment' which crashed close to a remote village in Siberia. The 'silver U-shaped device' weighs 200 kilos, has does not appear to be a rocket or a missile - or a remnant of earthly space technology. ‘The object found is not related to space technology. A final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the object by experts,' said the Russian space agency Roscosmos. And mores the bloody pity that we... [More]
Comment icon #37 Posted by JGirl on 23 March, 2012, 23:32
sorry but i think the russian powers that be are suffering from a case of full of shitness (as per usual) with these sorts of things.
Comment icon #38 Posted by DKO on 24 March, 2012, 5:11
The topic says in December locals heard something in the woods then last week someone found this object in the woods. Whos to say the two are even related. No reports of a crater or anything to indicate it fell from the sky but somehow locals insist it fell from the sky. Were there any eyewitness' of it falling from the sky? So we have some object found in the woods and everyone jumps to the conclusion that it fell from the sky.
Comment icon #39 Posted by moonshadow60 on 26 March, 2012, 21:34
I'm no space junk expert. I'm just a farm girl, and that looks suspiciously like the top of a grain silo to me.
Comment icon #40 Posted by bouncer on 26 March, 2012, 23:33
I'm no space junk expert. I'm just a farm girl, and that looks suspiciously like the top of a grain silo to me. 'Just' a farm girl? Nothing 'just' about it! Welcome to the madhouse! And Id agree
Comment icon #41 Posted by Sakari on 26 March, 2012, 23:47
I'm no space junk expert. I'm just a farm girl, and that looks suspiciously like the top of a grain silo to me. I thought the same thing....... And thanks, now I have Daisy Duke pictured in my mind
Comment icon #42 Posted by shaddow134 on 27 March, 2012, 2:00
I'm no space junk expert. I'm just a farm girl, and that looks suspiciously like the top of a grain silo to me. I think that most sane people would come to the same conclusion.There is so much fakery out there that, to be honest even if a UFO was to land in my back garden now and two little green men came out and mooned at me.I would still have to Question it's authenticity.
Comment icon #43 Posted by DONTEATUS on 27 March, 2012, 2:37
Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth Moonshadow60 ! You will learn mush my padawan trainee ! ITs the place to be !
Comment icon #44 Posted by moonshadow60 on 27 March, 2012, 12:58
As I've been a member for so long and this is only my second post, you may notice I'm the shy, quiet type (as in just a shadow of the moon), but dang. Thank you for the welcome. You folks are certainly interesting or I wouldn't still be hanging around.
Comment icon #45 Posted by einfopedia on 4 April, 2012, 11:37
i have spend many times for searching it but i get nothing data about this.the video is not opening.?????

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