Friday, May 27, 2016
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Man bites snake to death

Posted on Friday, 24 August, 2012 | Comment icon 37 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: CC 3.0 Kamalnv

In an unusual case of role reversal, a man in Nepal killed a Cobra snake by biting it to death.

Mohamed Salmo Miya has been working in a rice paddy when the snake appeared and bit him. Enraged, the man chased the snake down and then decided to give it a taste of its own medicine by proceeding to bite it repeatedly until it was dead. Police have stated that he will not be charged over the attack because the snake species was not endangered.

"I could have killed it with a stick but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry," said Miya after undergoing treatment at a local health post.

"A Nepali man who was bitten by a cobra snake bit it back and killed the reptile in a tit-for-tat attack, a newspaper said on Thursday."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by Eldorado on 3 September, 2012, 13:03
The community would hunt it down and kill it. People come first, jerks or not.
Comment icon #29 Posted by BiffSplitkins on 4 September, 2012, 19:27
It reminds me of that scene from the movie 'Kingpin' when they are looking for Ishmal and ask the snake charmer if they had seen him.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Hasina on 4 September, 2012, 20:43
Nah, just survival of the fittest. Snake bit first.
Comment icon #31 Posted by Silen on 10 September, 2012, 4:58
sweet revenge
Comment icon #32 Posted by MetallicBlood on 10 September, 2012, 14:36
Yeah...that will teach em. Next time some smart ass snake tries to bite you, just bite him back.
Comment icon #33 Posted by MrsHoward on 11 September, 2012, 10:54
Oh well thats perfectly ok then. dear. I must remember to bite the next person who steps on my toes at the bus stop. Dare I bother to venture into the debate that humans are a little way beyond the point of biting smaller creatures to survive? Therefore this is simply a cruel act? No.... I need to finish knitting this willy warmer for Bert! Much more worthwhile use of my time.
Comment icon #34 Posted by TheLastLazyGun on 11 September, 2012, 11:00
Comment icon #35 Posted by Hasina on 11 September, 2012, 11:10
True, man should have showed some restraint. For some people, they show restraint with other people, animals they like, etc. If a mosquito bites you, ya smack it. Yeah, not the best comparison since snakes are a more complicated animal then a simple possibly disease spreading mosquito. Many people kill rattlesnakes in response to being bitten here in Texas, it's just this case with this guy, it's way more dramatic.
Comment icon #36 Posted by and then on 11 September, 2012, 13:09
In redneck circles such an action is usually preceded by the famous last words: Here - hold my beer and watch 'iss

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