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Roswell officer speaks from the grave

Posted on Saturday, 8 December, 2012 | Comment icon 92 comments

Image credit: Newspaper

A tape has been unveiled that was recorded by a now deceased officer involved in the Roswell incident.

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Haut made headlines when he signed a notarized declaration in 2002 to confirm his full knowledge of the events that took place at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Four years earlier however he had recorded an audio tape detailing various aspects of the incident including the crashing of an extraterrestrial craft and the recovery of the occupant's body. The tape was kept under wraps at the time because Haut did not want it to be released until after his death.

The recording is an interview between Haut and Wendy Connors, a pioneering researcher from New Mexico. "To the best of my remembrance there was one body," Haut had stated during the interview. "It was a relatively small body, comparable to, oh, maybe to an 11 year old or a 10 year old child." He also described having witnessed the wreckage from the crash stored at a hangar at his base.

"A Lieutenant Colonel and Press Officer at Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in 1947 left a testament to the reality of fallen ET in a rare audio recording that was meant to be heard after his death."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #83 Posted by praetorian-legio XIII on 11 December, 2012, 22:29
Comment icon #84 Posted by Sweetpumper on 11 December, 2012, 22:36
And it's a good take.
Comment icon #85 Posted by psyche101 on 12 December, 2012, 1:05
Gidday Quillius Sorry, but I think we are still saying the same thing in some respect, my initial post said: Isn't the bolded the same as your qualifier? of all wrongful convictions, that have been proven incorrect by way of DNA evidence, 75% of those examples are incorrect. That is 75% of everything we have had the opportunity to definitively prove, and not have to rely on a witness any longer. Which still strikes me as an alarming statistic. This part I am good with until....: Here, I agree with this, as this widens the scope, however of you change that 10 to 100, ev... [More]
Comment icon #86 Posted by psyche101 on 12 December, 2012, 1:10
I would be a cad to refuse such a polite and well written response. Sir, you humble me. With regards to your personal pursuit, please do carry on. If ever I can help you quell any doubts, and if you would like that, or other information that I can supply, please do not hesitate to ask.
Comment icon #87 Posted by psyche101 on 12 December, 2012, 1:17
There is indeed something not right with Hauts recollection altogether. The link I left on a previous page has Marcel saying Haut did it all himself: Yet this defies protocol, so what could Marcel be on about if this could not happen? I think Intel Ops just seem to fit tighter at every turn.
Comment icon #88 Posted by psyche101 on 12 December, 2012, 1:25
I guess the confusion arrives when people take to overall count, which I find is only indicative of what the statistic could mean. What I do miss, and you rightly note such above, is that this is a sample which we have had an opportunity to re-evaluate. The overall statistics listed cannot take that into account. I think the statistic from the provided sample is alarming enough to re-evaluate, and heavily investigate the effectiveness of eyewitness testimony, which I believe is notoriously unreliable, and I feel the statistic does indeed prove that and would be reflected if all cases were ... [More]
Comment icon #89 Posted by psyche101 on 12 December, 2012, 1:45
For clarification: Why does the 10,000 matter? Only the very next step is the figure being sought. Those who are directly affected by eyewitness testimony. OK, so we have out sample of those convicted by eyewitness testimony. 5,000 people. ​Why are we back to the ten thousand? if the 5,000 directly pertains to eyewitness testimony? We are only considering those that have been reinvestigated are we not? And we have not got to that number yet. Why do those convicted by confession, DNA ort other get into the mix again? If, out of ten thousand, ten were selected to have DNA... [More]
Comment icon #90 Posted by quillius on 12 December, 2012, 9:57
Comment icon #91 Posted by psyche101 on 13 December, 2012, 4:00
Gidday Mate I hear you, quiet day for me too. No time to feed to trolls today. They will have to go hungry for a day.' What I find hard to understand is that the sample of 300 cases was restricted to testimony alone. If we are to include total counts, then the sample needs to be proportionated as well, or one can shrink the percentage before starting to provide a favourable outcome. 300 cases in 10,000 is 3%, is that the total number of convictions based on eyewitness testimony? Yes, the other means of conviction do not play a part when the sample was 300 people, why do they?... [More]
Comment icon #92 Posted by Mag357 on 16 December, 2012, 5:14
Maybe the debunkers are getting paid not by the dollar, pound or euro... but by the shilling.

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