Friday, May 27, 2016
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Can we 3D print a base on the Moon ?

Posted on Sunday, 3 February, 2013 | Comment icon 14 comments | News tip by: ExpandMyMind

Image credit: Foster and Partners

Designs have been revealed for a building that can be set up on the Moon using 3D printing technology.

Devised by architects Fosters and Partners, the lunar residence would begin life as an inflatable structure sent from the Earth that once deployed could be strengthened in to a viable living space using components produced using 3D printers. Small robots would operate the devices using soil from the lunar surface to produce the materials. The resulting building would be able to house up to four astronauts.

"As a practice, we are used to designing for extreme climates on Earth and exploiting the environmental benefits of using local, sustainable materials," said company partner Xavier De Kestelier. "It has been a fascinating and unique design process, which has been driven by the possibilities inherent in the material."

"Architects Fosters and Partners have revealed designs for a building on the Moon that could be constructed from material already on its surface."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by pallidin on 3 February, 2013, 19:49
One has to start out with horsemeat.
Comment icon #6 Posted by ancient astronaut on 3 February, 2013, 21:10
especially from burger king.
Comment icon #7 Posted by King Cobra 1408 on 3 February, 2013, 23:37
yeah we can and its more than possible but the question is will they show everything on the moon and hide nothing meaning if they find something interesting like bases or etc will they show that as well or cover it up/hide it?
Comment icon #8 Posted by OverSword on 4 February, 2013, 21:29
This reminds me of a book by Walter Jon Williams called Arastoi, in which much building of everything from homes to spaceships was done by nano-bots. Can you imagine where technology will be in 300 years? People will seem to have the power of gods by then I'll bet.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Oppono Astos on 4 February, 2013, 21:56
Trying to remember the EE Doc Smith series where technology existed to manipulate and build matter into spaceships etc - must have been Skylark - a precursor to replicator technology of later sci-fi.
Comment icon #10 Posted by chopmo on 8 February, 2013, 1:19
I'm still excited for when the globally use this for transplanting organs. Absolutely brilliant, oh you need a new kidney 2 weeks and we will grow you a new one thats made for exactly you. I suffered from plurecy (was found 2 days before phuenomia would have started according the hospital doctor)(caused by a ****ty 24/7 doctor giving me the wrong prognosis) which will never fully leave my lungs, so you can probally imagine why I'm excited about any advancements on this technology in any of the fields it can be applied to. The documentary I seen on it, was about newer technologies with ... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by regeneratia on 8 February, 2013, 3:08
Have you ever seen one of those 3D printers at work? They are fascinating.
Comment icon #12 Posted by ExpandMyMind on 8 February, 2013, 19:10
Yeah. I think they'll be the future of manufacturing. After buying a licence fee, you'll be able to download the plans for, say, a computer, and from there you can build your own. They will of course have to develop some sort of closed system with the printers to prevent 'pirating', but it looks to be the future if demand for the printers is large enough to bring the price down.
Comment icon #13 Posted by regeneratia on 9 February, 2013, 21:29
I want to design my own plans. The small ones are about $2000. I went to the local maker faire and wanted so much to buy one.

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