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Family attacked by alleged poltergeist

Posted on Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 | Comment icon 50 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: stockxpert

A family in France has had to move out because of injuries inflicted by poltergeist activity.

The house in Mentque-Nortbecourt has been the site of numerous paranormal disturbances including objects being thrown around by an unseen entity. One family member was hospitalized earlier this month after the poltergeist smacked them in the face with a chair and threw a soap dish at their back. In a separate incident that took place last week a friend of the family also ended up in hospital after being hit by stones.

In an effort to put a stop to the activity an exorcist from the local diocese had been making frequent visits to the house. In the meantime, officials have provided the family with temporary accommodation and it is believed that they are now looking for a new house.

"A French family said they have sustained injuries from flying objects at their home, which they believe to be haunted by ghosts."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #41 Posted by Lone lotus on 19 November, 2013, 4:16
Nobody's mentioned that poltergeists are thought to be caused by telekinetic energy of a troubled living person within the house, usually a young person between the ages of 9 and 23. Personally, I don't believe this is always the case, but I'm no expert. If it IS indeed the case here, moving house may allay the causes of the individual's turmoil and hence cease the activity, or it could just carry on regardless, making it seem as if something's followed them from the old house. I just thought the thread was due for a serious comment.
Comment icon #42 Posted by Brian Topp on 19 November, 2013, 4:21
Can you explain where these statistics came from?
Comment icon #43 Posted by sinewave on 20 November, 2013, 14:56
Jeez, all of that and mayhem but they cannot seem to move a Ouija planchette on their own. Go figure.
Comment icon #44 Posted by sinewave on 20 November, 2013, 14:58
Now of only there were people with telekinetic abilities.
Comment icon #45 Posted by Lone lotus on 21 November, 2013, 3:51
Books, articles, studies. They're out there. Go look. I'm just repeating what I've come across. I don't actually know or anything. Maybe one day, but right now I'm very definitely not brave enough to find out for myself.
Comment icon #46 Posted by Lone lotus on 21 November, 2013, 3:55
Are you sure you're at the right website? Is it that cynics have their cross hairs set for these kinds of topics? If so, couldn't you use your time more constructively? But whatever, it's your life.
Comment icon #47 Posted by sinewave on 21 November, 2013, 5:42
I'm a skeptic not a cynic. I would rather use my life to question than to blindly accept random assertions like that on face value. If people are going to spew that stuff they should be prepared to defend it. The best evidence ever collected for the paranormal is purely anecdotal. It is more about belief than science and should probably carry a warning label. Where are they? Who is demonstrating PK abilities that 30 years of university research could not produce?
Comment icon #48 Posted by Brian Topp on 25 November, 2013, 5:30
so I have to reasearch your vague claim yet you could not even post or give an example? yeah, your facts come from made up land.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Brian Topp on 25 November, 2013, 5:33
you are new, if you actually read the topics, you see members want research, understanding, logic and above all, expect people to back up their claims instead of posting anon on a forum and expect blind faith.
Comment icon #50 Posted by TopToffee on 25 November, 2013, 6:20
Nobody has said you are talking rubbish too.

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