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Paypal founder unveils 760mph 'Hyperloop'

Posted on Wednesday, 14 August, 2013 | Comment icon 22 comments

Image credit: Tesla Motors

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed his concept for a futuristic super-sonic transportation system.

The 'Hyperloop' system would revolutionize transport by shooting capsules through a long tube connecting two destinations. Passengers would sit inside the capsules and travel at speeds of up to 760mph while floating on a cushion of air. The proposed route would see the Hyperloop being implemented between Los Angeles and San Francisco, theoretically allowing transit between the two cities in as little as 30 minutes.

The flagship system would cost around $6bn and stretch over 380 miles. "Short of figuring out real teleportation, which would of course be awesome... the only option for superfast travel is to build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment," said Musk.

"US-based entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled his proposed near-supersonic "Hyperloop" transport concept to link Los Angeles and San Francisco."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by DONTEATUS on 15 August, 2013, 2:51
Hey ! you only live once ! I say go for it ! Nobody makes you get into it ! And If th eGround cracks ,Well ! It was nice knowing you ! But What a rush other wise !
Comment icon #14 Posted by BuzzLightYear on 15 August, 2013, 5:36
This concept is from the mid 60's LOL. Connecting NY with LA in under 20 minutes. Of course the expected speed was a little faster. The concept was a pneumatic tube with large towers that resembled nuclear cooling towers. LOL I believe it was 1966 that it was in Popular Science Magazine, but I could be wrong on the year. Yeah Califormnothing can't even get a high speed train line built or pay it's bills. Bahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahaha
Comment icon #15 Posted by Colonel Rhuairidh on 15 August, 2013, 9:00
As many have rmarked, this is really nothing new, it's the kind of utopian super-duper-mega-futurist fantasy that's been just around the corner ever since the days of Super Sci Fi Comic in the 1950s. The trouble with uber-brainy geniuses is, they get so carried away by all these wonderful ideas but never worry about the practilities or the cost, particularly the cost. Surely even an uber-brainy genius must realise that the kind of engineering that would be required here is a very different thing from payPal, which needs no infrastricture at all.
Comment icon #16 Posted by travelnjones on 15 August, 2013, 21:56
We are trying to build a train along the same route for 70Billion. Could be worth a shot. Sure egg on the face of the super train folks if it worked out lol.
Comment icon #17 Posted by AceBangerTheGuru on 16 August, 2013, 4:55
Heres something, an angle that No-One will mention, letalone even realize, however my instinsts & research Tells me This Guy: is a FRAUD & CROOK ... I am willing to take blame "if" He has Not Funded this Idea with the MONEY He Stole from PAYPAL Used said Moneys to make him BILLIONs in Interests from loaning out PayFoul Customers !!!I Hope He Builds, Takes 1st. Ride & DISAPPEARs SeeYa !!!
Comment icon #18 Posted by AceBangerTheGuru on 16 August, 2013, 5:02
"We" P.C. around each other's Feelings at the Co$t of Our Own, Until None are Shown
Comment icon #19 Posted by deslin on 16 August, 2013, 20:32
Why does Homer Simpson and the monorail come to mind? That said, this is the idle thought of the creator of paypal, not an aeronautical engineer lol I for one am not riding this thing.
Comment icon #20 Posted by travelnjones on 16 August, 2013, 21:37
Musk didn't steal any money from paypal. He made money off the stock yes. He and Theil were out of the building by the time eBay took over. His only involvement after that was to treat us to a movie he funded called Thank you for smoking
Comment icon #21 Posted by Colonel Rhuairidh on 17 August, 2013, 7:13
Exactly. being an uber-brainy genius is often a liability. What you need for schemes like this is a proper engineer.
Comment icon #22 Posted by brlesq1 on 18 August, 2013, 0:04
If I recall, the New York City subway system experimented with this in the 19th century. Didn't go anywhere, but the idea's been around for quite a while.

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