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Shadow figure demon ?

Posted on 11-14-2020 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: BloodshotEyes | Location: USA

Image Credit: YouTube / Thorpe Park Resort
I've seen and heard unexplainable things for many years. Mostly it happens in the few nights surrounding the full moon, I don't know why. The subject of my post, though, begins a little over two years ago, when I was on my honeymoon. We were staying in a cabin, and one night, by the fireplace, just after being intimate, I began to see a black figure standing still, watching us. I was scared, but didn't mention it as we went to bed. It was there next to the bed, as soon as I laid down, and I actually told my husband that I was seeing it and freaking out. He didn't see anything, so after the sun rose and I was in my right mind again, I chalked it up to me being unstable, somehow.

After arriving home to the apartment we were newly living in, I started to see the shadow figure every night, in the spare bedroom, in the darkness through the slightly open door. I would try keeping the door closed, but somehow it was always open again, although that could have been my husband's doing. I was afraid to say anything, because I was convinced that saying it out loud would let the creature know that I was aware of it, and that would lead it to attack, or something. I started seeing it in our room, too, and when I saw it standing in the corner, even with the light on, while in an intimate moment with my husband, I had had enough, and I broke down and told him. I had a bit of a meltdown that night, but he still couldn't see it, and tried comforting me.

After that, I didn't see it again for a long time, and felt much better. I figured my not wanting to say anything about it was probably the wrong decision, and I probably could have saved myself a lot of fear. Well, I have seen it again lately, but only in the dark, and usually when I'm alone. I know that the eyes can play tricks in the dark, and I'm not discounting the possibility that what I see and hear might be all in my head, but tonight's events seemed different. For one thing, it's far from being the full moon, and what I saw was much clearer.
I went into my bedroom to get my computer, but I could see my husband laying in his spot in the bed. We had been planning earlier to be intimate when we got the chance, but I was surprised that he had stopped gaming so early for it. I didn't mind, though, and was smiling and about ready to crawl into bed with him, when it suddenly struck me that I've never seen him laying in bed at 9 o clock before without also looking at his phone.

There was no phone light shining on his face, so I began to pull my phone out to shine my flashlight on him, and I heard a slight rustling sound coming from his direction, just as I turned on my flashlight and... Nothing was there. Not even bedding in the shape of a person. Yes it was dark, but there was a streetlight through the window and I could clearly see his head with it, until I turned on my light. Then, suddenly, I could hear him again downstairs, still playing his video game. But I couldn't hear him the whole time I thought he was in bed.

My immediate reaction was to laugh, and calmly go downstairs to the real him, but as I've been sitting on the couch thinking about it, I'm kind of worried about what it all might mean. I wish I was making this up... I didn't make the mistake of keeping it to myself, this time, but I think he thinks I'm joking. I did some research on Incubi, although maybe I shouldn't have. Everything I found about the old beliefs only say it does its thing while the victim sleeps, nothing like what I thought almost happened with me. But still, I'm afraid to go to sleep, now, at least by myself. I'm afraid to do anything by myself... Does anybody know any more about this type of experience? I'm at a loss about where to go from here...

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Meridian O on 15 November, 2020, 1:28
Odd coincidence but yesterday I was updating my dream log pictures (used as examples for my recorded dreams) and one of the subjects was shadow folk...  
Comment icon #2 Posted by buer5337 on 9 December, 2020, 13:15
okay so i don't think the shadow person is evil or out to get you i think next time you see it wave to it or say what do you want nicely and maybe if you want to be left alone now if it doesn't leave that doesn't mean it hates you or anything it could be simply observing you or checking up on try giving it a name say hi to it now i only refer to it as it cause it doesnt really have a gender

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