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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: iStockPhoto

UFOs and analog reality

Posted on Friday, 5 December, 2008 | 4 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

The more anyone investigates the ufo enigma, the more complex, confusing, and contradictory it appears. To "nuts and bolts" advocates it seems simple: ufos are space craft from distant solar systems, here to...what? For decades, even millenia, they have roamed our skies and even landed here and there and seemingly have nothing better to do than collect endless samples, harass motorists, ask inane questions and make equally inane pronouncements, and sexually abuse people. Judging by the variety of craft and the endless variety of "aliens," we are being visited by the inhabitants of dozens of other planets, all of them behaving in the same bizarre and incomprehensible manner. The popular grays are described as having immense, dark eyes, but the interiors of their "craft" are described as brightly lit. This does not compute, and, if the visible "eyes" are coverings like sunglasses, why would they not just turn the lights down a bit and dispense with them? Some people believe that their endless sexual experiments are an attempt to create an alien/human hybrid race, but, if so, to what purpose? We cannot cross humans with dogs, for example, so how could we interbreed with beings from a totally different ecosystem, with DNA nothing like our own? And the argument that they are a dying race and need our DNA to revitalize their species makes no sense either; beings advanced enough to cross interstellar space and make use of DNA from our alien planet could more easily manipulate their own DNA, or use that of closely related species on their home world.

John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Whitley Streiber, and other prominent researchers have long suggested that the ufo phenomenon may be paranormal in nature, and they are probably correct. Keel has also stressed the deceptive, possibly demonic, nature of the entities, and, like Charles Fort suggested many decades ago, the possibility that they are manipulating and using us. All of this may be true, but there is also reason to suspect that some ufos may indeed be craft of unknown origin, or even bizarre life forms. Ultimately this complex and confusing phenomenon is a challenge to our basic concept of reality itself, the atheist/materialist mindset that our leaders seem to promote...and this may explain their seeming desire to cover up the truth.

Some ufo cases seem to be, at least in part, staged by the government as part of an elaborate disinformation scheme, perhaps to confuse us and gradually alter our consciousness. Consider the bizarre Maury Island episode of 6/21/47. A man named Harold Dahl, claiming to be a Harbor Patrolman reportd that, while operating his boat near Maury Island in Puget Sound, he and his son saw toroidal shaped objects flying overhead and claimed that one of them, appearing to be malfunctioning, dropped hot slag, killing his dog and slightly injuring his son. He gave, he claimed, slag and a photograph to his alleged supervisor, Fred Crisman.

A few days later, on 6/24/47, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine (a magic number) crescent-shaped objects flying over the Cascade Mountains not far east of Puget Sound. These were erroneously reported as "saucer shaped" by the media. Then Ray Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories magazine, asked Arnold to investigate the Maury Island events, at which point events became stranger and stranger. Dahl claimed to have been threatened by an MIB (Man in Black). Someone unknown reserved a hotel room for Arnold, and someone, somehow, recorded his private conversations with Dahl and Crisman and sent them to UPI. The slag turned out, apparently, to be ordinary foundry slag, and the photograph vanished. Two Army Air Force pilots flew up to investigate, and crashed and died on their return journey, almost certainly due to an engine fire rather than an alien attack.

Crisman claimed to have been in the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) during World War Two, and claimed to have battled evil subterranean beings called "Deros." He may have said this merely to impress Palmer, who had written about these demonic entities, based on the account of a man named Richard Shaver, who had been a welder at the Philadelphia shipyards during World War Two...the same time as the "Philadelphia Experiment" was supposedly performed on the destroyer USS Eldridge and its crew in the nearby Philadelphia Navy Yard. The fact that this was almost certainly a hoax concocted by merchant seaman and Pennsylvania native Carl Allen does not make it less strange and perplexing.

This case has been most thoroughly investigated by Frank Warren, Richard Dolan, and Jim Marrs. Richard Dolan uncovered evidence that Dahl and Crisman were not active Harbor Patrol members, but operated a salvage boat and may have sometimes assisted the Harbor Patrol, and he discovered that Dahl later joined the CIA, and seems to have been involved in Operation Paperclip during World War Two, bringing Nazis to the US. The Army Air Force plane crash appears to have been an accident, but it is a fact that another investigator, Paul Lance, died mysteriously only some two months after the incident, and Kenneth Arnold stated that he had plane trouble and nearly crashed while flying home from his investigation. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison suspected Crisman of involvement in the JFK murder, but this was never proven.

As I mentioned in another article published on unexplained-mysteries, the Rosewell incident has magical, ritualistic overtones and it may also be at least partly government disinformation. To briefly summarize this, thirty third degree freemasons have always been prominent in America's ruling elite, and the crash was close to the thirty third parallel, along with the Trinity nuclear test site to the west, and Dallas (on the Trinity River) to the east, where JFK was shot on 11/22/63 (eleven and twenty two add up to thirty three), and Charleston, South Carolina, headquarters for Scottish Rite freemasonry.

As explained by Richard Hoagland, the irrational number 19.47..., based on a tetrahedron within a sphere, keeps popping up everywhere, and 1947 was the year of Maury Island, Arnold's sighting, and Roswell.

Some UFO sightings appear to be performances or displays by the ufo entities. Barney and Betty Hill claimed that they saw the ufo at night, and through its windows saw strange beings in its brightly lighted interior. There is a reason why people don't drive around at night with the interiors of their cars lit up; it is almost impossible to see outside. So it makes no sense that "aliens" would fly around at night with the interiors of their craft brightly lit...unless they wanted to be seen.

Many ufo sightings and abductions seem to have magical and ritualistic overtones. Raymond Fowler investigated the alleged abduction of Betty Andreasson, who said that, at her family home in South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, she saw one night a strange pink glow from outside, and her father reported seeing "freaks" through the window. Then she saw four grays walk in through a closed door, wearing dark blue uniforms with an eagle insignia on the left arm (the eagle is the national insignia for several countries, and may actually represent the mythical phoenix). When she, being a Christian, asked if they were men who served God, they would not answer...this may indicate that they were demonic. They conducted the usual sexual "examinations." At one point she seemed to go both underground and to another world, and saw a pyramid with an Egyptian-looking head on it. She also saw a huge phoenix, a fire that turned it to ashes, and a gray worm emerging from the ashes; this is the classic phoenix myth, and the worm supposedly develops back into a phoenix, a myth of death and rebirth.

Researcher Jenny Randles has noted that some close encounters and abductions seem to involve an alteration of consciousness that begins before the actual encounter. People often report a deadening of normal background sounds, and often a humming or buzzing sound, and a bright blue or white light.

Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey have reported on some "high strangeness" cases that seem to last for days or even years. An abductee in Spain reported the appearance of a mysterious "man in white formal attire.

" They also mentioned the abductee who saw a strange bronze-skinned man in a restaurant, wearing a flamboyantly colored jacket and fedora hat. Another saw a "troupe of four foot tall men dressed in nineteenth century breeches coming through a cornfield."

They also wrote of a woman called Anne-Marie, who had several abductions while living at her grandmother's house as a child. During this period a handyman named "Mr. Paige" lived with them off and on, often disappearing for months at a time, and then returning unexpectedly. He never washed or needed to use the bathroom, but was always clean. Her only photograph of him vanished. She had episodes of missing time when she went on walks with him, and he was interested in ufos and wrote symbols resembling the ones she was taught by the "aliens." If these accounts are true, it seems to show that paranormal entities can dwell and walk among us all the time, usually without our realizing it. How many of the people we see on the streets are not really people at all? Are there dogs, cats, deer, owls, helicopters, aircplanes, and cars that are not what they seem?

To even begin to understand this we need to change our view of what reality is. I have written elsewhere of the evidence that materialism is an absurd philosophy, and that the correct world view is philosophical idealism, the idea that the prime reality is mind and the physical universe is a secondary manifestation, with a universal mind, of which we are all a part, creating and sustaining the physical universe, and much more, by thinking it. One of the possibilities this raises is that reality is not digital, or binary, with everything being either completely real or completely unreal, as materialists believe, but analog, meaning that there can be different degrees or kinds of reality. A day dream is less real than a vivid nocturnal dream, which is perhaps less real than the day to day "consensus reality" that most of us share. This, in turn, may be less real than what people claim to perceive when in a higher state of consciousness.

If so, some close encounters may be neither purely subjective hoaxes or hallucinations, nor exactly "real" in the usual sense. If we are contacted by a paranormal entity that may not even have a body, we may see a body in accordance with our expectations, perhaps conforming to mythical archetypes. We may deceive ourselves and/or be deceived by lying entities. The "grays" may owe their appearance to our expectations (as debunkers claim) fed to us by the mass media. Yet they may also be very real, not purely subjective...and of immense importance.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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