Monday, September 20, 2021
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  Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

Image credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Susanne Nilsson

Spring is here and we have nowhere to go

Posted on Tuesday, 5 May, 2020 | 1 comment
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

Easter and its connection to Spring, eggs, fertility, planting, those divine earthy smells and dainty blossoms are usually in the theme. And romance! Who doesn't think romance in the Spring? I think humans have had their sights on romance in the spring for eons.

Romance During War Times

People are continuing to connect, however secretly, privately, technologically. It reminds me of the romances that started at the beginning of the World Wars. Couples spent years writing letters to each other until the war was over when they might decide to marry even though they hadn't clapped eyes on each other but briefly years earlier. The trajectory of a romance cycle between two people who have met in the last month has shifted rather dramatically and maybe not in altogether bad ways.

I am breathing in all the springy delights but living in a usually vibrant city that's quiet as a tomb at this time of year is frankly unrecognizable. One person requested on facebook that do a general reading on the state of the world these days, but I've never been confident that such a collective read would bear fruit of any value for anybody.

Throughout the years the media would call me to comment on a world event but I always refused because the reality of any collective dire situation is that there are always winners and losers. This time will be no different. There are some people who will see incredible gains and others who will be devastated. It's not the apocalypse in my opinion, (a question I'm often asked) at least not the way we have been guided to image an apocalypse to be.

An Apocalypse in Other Respects

A comment on facebook the other day struck a resonating chord, "All those who expect everything will return to normal once this global lockdown is lifted, raise your hand! Now take that hand and slap yourself silly."

No. Things will not be returning to normal we will remember. There will be a before and after perception of reality for everyone. Was our before normal all that great or more specifically, sustainable? I think most will agree, it was not. Too much. Too much of everything. Too much production, too much consumption, too much waste, too high speed, too much of everything.

When people ask me about their future financial stability/security, I must remind them to keep in mind that spirit really doesn't care about their financial life or their physical health and longevity particularly either. Spirit doesn't care if you're rich or poor, starving, sick, happy or really if you live or die. Our embodied life is only one lap in our journey to enlightenment after all.

Spirit cares about the health of your SOUL and SPIRIT. And if it's beneficial for your soul and spirit's development to suffer, the angels will be nudging. I think I've heard some rather thunderous applause lately coming from the heavens. So asking the angels for help in your manifested existence is a waste of breath. They rarely answer prayers that are based on your own needs anyway. Now if you're praying for others there might be a gleam in their eye. Nor can your ancestors in the spirit world help you much either. They are incapable of altering your destiny path. They don't have that sort of permission. Just sayin'.

Did I Know Precognitively This Disaster Was Ahead?

I admit the answer to that is, not exactly. I did know our way of life was heading for a big change. That it simply isn't possible for everyone to have everything they want. Although we smilingly and easily agree with that statement, few realize that will include themselves. I also knew a difficult economic time was coming. I advised many to avoid debt including committing to paying exorbitant mortgages.

I don't like answering questions about finance. I hear them often and sadly it's too often these days.

Generally, I can't predict glad tidings in that regard. There will be winners and losers. The haves will be forced to learn to share with the have nots or we are all heading for middle ages sorts of troubles. I would imagine this might be why the Canadian government (and perhaps other governments as well) have invited the military reservists to volunteer to be on call. Those willing have been put on full pay. I don't think that was done to fight a war outside our borders. Will we see tanks rolling down the streets? It won't surprise me to see it in some neighbourhoods.

I had a dream at the end of February that I was walking down a neighbourhood street alone, observing two people walking towards me. The sight of them filled my heart with sadness. I wondered in the dream when it happened that we could no longer walk down the street trusting that the people walking in our direction were friendly as opposed to threat.

In the dream I was awe struck remembering the sheer luxury it had been to walk down the street assuming everyone I passed was friendly or passively indifferent. In this new time in my dream, every person I now would be passing on the street could be foe. I was suddenly living in an extremely unpredictable and potentially dangerous world. I awoke hoping this time was far into the future. Roughly two weeks later the world shut down and "social distancing" became mandatory. Now I walk down the street observing a couple of people walking towards me and I'm not sure what's going to happen. Do I leave the sidewalk or do they or do we take the chance and walk past each other?

Yesterday I was waiting for the elevator in our building. The door opened to reveal our landlord's wife stepping forward to exit. She looked at me and quickly looked down, asking me to step around the corner and down the hall to wait until she could exit at a safe distance from me. I did as she asked of course and the sadness I felt in my dream washed over me. She's been a neighbour, living across the hall from me for a few years and we're cordial. She's staff at the hospital which is one of the hospitals in BC classified as a centre for disease control in Victoria. Her reaction was understandable and respectful. It was me who was being slow, smiling like a goof, about to say, "Hi".

Suddenly my dream warning was clear. It was warning me of the time to come and I'm sure many have had similar dreams over the past while. This is an especially vital time to journal and contemplate your dreams! Most of you now will have some time to record them.

Dreamwork Beats the News

Paying attention to your dreams is far more important right now than any news outlet. We cut off our cable TV a year ago and can I just shout how enormously grateful I am to my past self that we did that! I couldn't recommend it more highly. We watch movies on streaming networks when we feel like being entertained. I avoid news channels. It annoys me that it's as difficult as an intricate obstacle course to avoid the public media on social media, but I do the best I can.

The news is on the air to sell news, attract advertisers. They are having a serious moment right now. People are trapped in their homes, bored and desperate for news of a better time soon ahead. It's horrible to watch the feeding frenzy of those growing wealthy on the backs of the suffering. Media, politicians, investors, pharmacology, and soon food producers and distributors. Cannibals comes to mind. Please remain mindful of where you send your energy. Journal, ponder and paint your dreams instead!

Kathleen is a practicing tarot reader and psychic in Victoria, B.C., Canada and online via skype. Her skype contact is kathleen.meadows and her web site is where you'll find more articles and videos about reading the tarot.

Article Copyright© Kathleen Meadows - reproduced with permission.

If you are interested in the esoteric sciences and psychic ability development you will find the articles on my web site an interesting read. Visit my web site

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