Monday, September 27, 2021
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  Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

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Receiving messages following trauma

Posted on Thursday, 24 December, 2020 | 0 comments
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

Synchronicity, like dreams, is given meaning by the connections that we make internally to the external event. After carefully examining several photographs, a friend noticed numbers appear in places she hadn't seen before. In one instance, she noticed a long stream of numbers appearing across a woman's mouth which turned out to be the woman's mother's phone number. Her friend promptly called her mother (interpreting the number and placement at the mouth as someone she should speak with) and discovered her aunt had been taken to the hospital that day.

Psychic Expansion Follows Traumatic Event

A near-death experience through accident or illness, a sudden and profound loss, a natural disaster or a multiple person accident often does trigger an abrupt spiritual opening but the recipient is seldom prepared knowledge-wise for the interpretive next-step. There is an invisible, almost indistinguishable line between imagination and spiritual insight further compounding the confusion. Even when a novice is sure that they are receiving messages via an indeterminate source, they can struggle for years to determine its message and meaning. Spirit Desperate to Communicate with Family

A client called me after receiving a series of spirit-messages from an entity she didn't recognize. Watching the news one evening, the woman whose spirit she was communicating with, appeared suddenly on the screen. She had died through a boating accident which finally explained why my client always met with her under water. The spirit was desperate to make a connection with her family who were suffering inconsolable grief at her loss, but the family wanted nothing to do with my client. My client wanted nothing from the family, only the relief of having the spirit be satisfied to move on and leave her alone!

The whole spirit contact experience was frightening, confusing and frustrating. She couldn't imagine why she of all people should be attracting the attention of a spirit-woman she didn't know nor could help.

The spirit world has no way to comprehend the fact that we just can't communicate here on the earth plane as freely as they can. Mores, protocols, legal concerns and all manner of earth plane inhibitions can prevent us from following through on spiritual messages. An abrupt spiritual expansion on the heels of such a contact can serve to either traumatize us further or as was the case in my friend, fortify and uplift her by making her feel less alone. She described, "I'm never alone anymore. It's such a nice feeling like someone is always there caring about me." She's now committed to this wondrous and terrifying spiritual path, come what may. As she described her experiences, I crowed with delight, excited by the possibilities, excited to be sharing the path ahead of her. She laughed and said I was probably one of the few people she knows who would have reacted that way to her experience. In her case, I was excited because the results were clearly positive for her mental and spiritual health.

In the case of my client, I was saddened and worried about how best to help her and her communicating spirit.

Interpreting Spiritual Messages May Take Years

Mediums and psychics often reach for divination tools such as tea leaves, crystal balls, pendulums, numerology, palm reading and cards. In combination with dedication and rigorous study a divination tool with its classic interpretive meanings can be learned and applied. When messages come through on a unique medium such as photographs or dream images, which are not typically regarded as divination tools, all the complex interpretive work will have to be done by the medium or the psychic themselves. Accurate interpretation may take years to establish. Rather like learning to interpret your personal dream symbols or visions, interpreting spiritual messages requires many hours of journaling and illustrating the symbol itself. This needs to be followed up with taking notes over the following months perhaps years, how the message unfolds.

Spiritual Perspective Elevates Our Spirit

For my friend today however, seeing and recognizing the symbols as spiritual messages is enough to send her over the moon with joy, excitement, anticipation and engagement. It's as if a previously hidden door has opened, showing her possibilities of a future that will be ever more interesting and fulfilling.

The larger, more encompassing spiritual perspective elevates our spirit to see beyond our personal concerns. We are forgiven and we forgive; we know we are never alone and that we are loved unconditionally. Spirit awareness is a sense of connect-ness to all that is and was and opens our senses to the limitless possibilities, not only in this life but the one we'll have beyond.

Kathleen Meadows reads the Tarot online from Victoria BC Canada. She has a youtube channel where you can learn more about how she reads. Her web site is

Article Copyright© Kathleen Meadows - reproduced with permission.

If you are interested in the esoteric sciences and psychic ability development you will find the articles on my web site an interesting read. Visit my web site

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