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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: US Navy

Three false flags

Posted on Saturday, 12 December, 2009 | 6 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

Throughout American history there have been strange and terrible events like the explosion of the battleship Maine, the 1929 stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, and the Kennedy assassination, where the official explanations don’t seem to make sense. These events, which have happened under both Democrat and Republican administrations, are evidence of conspiracies at work (or one overall conspiracy). It appears that we have been lied to over and over, and that a hidden agenda is at work. People who research conspiracies believe that at times governments orchestrate terrorist attacks against their own people, blaming them on foreign terrorists, in order to provide an excuse for wars or for a deliberate erosion of civil liberties. Such attacks are often called “false flag” operations, and we shall examine three of them. One of them, the 1993 bombing of the WTC (World Trade Center) was probably a false flag, but absolute proof is lacking. The bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was almost certainly orchestrated by the Clinton regime; there is a pattern of evidence here that is simply overwhelming. And the tragedy of 9/11 was undoubtedly ordered by the Bush regime; there are several items of evidence, any one of which proves this conclusively.

On 2/26/93 Muslim terrorists parked a Ryder van in the parking lot under the WTC north tower, containing 1300-1500 pounds of explosive, allegedly urea nitrate enhanced by canisters of hydrogen gas, and lit the fuse. The resulting explosion did millions of dollars in damage, killed six people, and injured 1,042. Yet it failed to bring the tower down; apparently the plotters had intended to collapse it onto the south tower, which could have killed up to 10,000 people…remember that on 9/11 many potential victims escaped before the buildings collapsed. Had the 2/93 bomb worked as intended, there would have been no warning and no chance for anyone to get out.

The bombing was allegedly carried out by Muslims (all foreign nationals) Ramzi Youssef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin, and Ahmad Ajaj, and funded by Khaled Shaikh Mohammad. The first question we need to ask is why, after over two decades of global Islamic terrorism, our government allowed these people, from states known to have supported terrorism, into our country to begin with? Is it just a coincidence that President Clinton was trying to secure passage of an anti-terrorism bill that, in its original form, would have stripped Americans of most of their civil liberties and their protection against arbitrary abuse of government power? In fact, the current so-called “Patriot Act” is very similar to what Clinton intended. But, since “only” six people died, Congress failed to pass it in 1993. The FBI had an informant in the terrorist gang, Egyptian Emad Salem. He claimed that the FBI knew of this specific plot and claimed that they were doing a sting operation to catch all of the terrorists. He also claimed that he offered to substitute fake explosive for the real stuff, to eliminate any risk of a catastrophe, but that the FBI insisted on leaving the real bomb in place. Unsurprisingly, the FBI denies this, but they have always admitted that Salem was their informant, and that they knew that a terrorist bombing was being planned…they just didn’t know exactly when or where. If Salem’s claims are true, it would virtually prove government complicity; you simply do not do a sting operation that risks 10,000 lives, and you most certainly do not pass up a chance to render the bomb harmless.

But there is no lack of proof regarding the Murrah Building. On 4/19/95 this government building in Oklahoma City was practically collapsed, allegedly by a truck bomb (another rental Ryder truck). Retired USAF Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, an explosives expert, testified that, despite its power, the truck bomb would have done only relatively minor damage to the Murrah Building, and there would have been little or no loss of life. In addition, a USGS seismic center in Oklahoma picked up the shockwaves from two explosions. The vertical reinforced concrete support columns closest to the truck bomb suffered, on the whole, less damage than the ones further away. Witnesses described hearing more than one explosion. There were also unconfirmed reports of unexploded bombs found within the ruins. While any one of these facts might be dismissed as a fluke, taken together they form a convincing pattern of evidence indicating that bombs had been placed inside, probably on the support columns, and the truck bomb, while adding to the damage, was detonated primarily to conceal the fact that it was an inside job. In addition, the government kept changing its estimates on the size of the bomb, allegedly an ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (AMFO) explosive. The building, after the bombing, was guarded by the Wackenhut Corporation, a company that mostly does jobs for the federal government and which has a rather sinister reputation. Then, before any independent investigators could examine it, the Murrah building was totally demolished on government orders, allegedly for safety reasons.

To get some idea of the enormity of the crime, consider the fact that the death toll was 168, including infants and small children in the day care center. One woman witness was quite distraught to see dead babies lying on broken glass. People suffered horrible injuries requiring multiple surgeries, and some were disabled for life, including one man who was blinded. One woman, who lost family members in the attack, was trapped by falling rubble; a doctor had to crawl in and amputate her leg without anesthetic to free her. This is an atrocity that fairly cries out for justice, but the true perpetrators seem to have escaped.

Newsweek magazine, a few months after the bombing, reported that, just prior to the attack, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) just happened to be testing AMFO bombs in Arizona. The Fortiers, two close associates of the alleged bombers, just happened to be living in Kingman, Arizona at that time. One of the BATF agents involved in the testing just happened to be in Oklahoma City on the day of the bombing (for undisclosed reasons), but at a safe distance. In fact, all the BATF agents just happened to be at a safe distance. During normal office hours, incredibly, not one armed agent was in their office in the Murrah Building, only civilian clerical personnel. The BATF lied about it and claimed that their agents were in the building, heroically aiding other survivors; caught in the lie, they retracted their story and admitted none of them were present. The BATF has never offered an explanation for their absence, nor for their lie, and the elite media , true to form, have never asked about this. The BATF, remember, were the “heroes” of Ruby Ridge and Waco, and on 4/19/95 they saved themselves and left the babies and the other victims to suffer and die.

So many witnesses reported a “John Doe Number Two” that the FBI even published a drawing of this additional suspect, described as Middle Eastern or possibly Hispanic in appearance. There was already at that time a large Muslim community in Oklahoma City, many of them former Iraqi soldiers brought over here by “our” government after the Gulf War. One of the two men convicted in the bombing,Terry Nichols, had a Filipina wife, and newspapers in the Phillippines claimed that on one of his trips there he had met with Islamic terrorists including Ramzi Yousef, to discuss possible terrorist targets in the U.S. But the FBI never followed up on this, showing a curious lack of interest. They also, very soon, dropped all mention of “John Doe Number Two,” and, at the trial of the prime suspect, Timothy McVeigh, the government nearly lost their case by refusing to call the many witnesses who had seen McVeigh at the scene…but who had also seen “John Doe Number Two.”

The government also failed to investigate McVeigh’s connections to Elohim City. Founded in 1973 in eastern Oklahoma by Robert G. Millar, it was a center for skinheads and neo-nazis. Among them was one Richard Snell, who was executed for murder on 4/19/95…the day of the bombing. Just before he died, he warned that something big would happen that day. Incredibly, this was never investigated. McVeigh is known to have made at least one phone call to Elohim City, and he once was stopped near there for a minor traffic violation. The BATF had sufficient interest in Elohim City to place an informant inside, a young woman named Carol Howe. She said that McVeigh had visited Elohim City repeatedly, and that she had tried to warn the BATF that two of the nazis there, Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmier, planned to bomb the Murrah Building on 4/19/95. Not only did the BATF refuse to investigate any of this (hardly surprising if they really did have advance warning and had failed to save anyone but themselves), but they actually tried (and failed) to prosecute Carol Howe. Andreas Strassmier, a well-connected German national who may also have been a government informant, was never questioned and was allowed to return to Germany. Another man who lived at Elohim City, Michael Brescia, strongly resembled “John Doe Number Two.” As an indicator of how murderous and ruthless these people were, consider that brothers Chevie and Cheyne Keyhoe lived there, and that Chevie was later convicted for murdering an Arkansas gun dealer, his wife, and his eight year old daughter.

What we have here…and I cannot overemphasize this point…is a pattern of evidence. No one piece in the puzzle, such as the pattern of bomb damage, or the strange absence of the BATF, quite proves a conspiracy, but, taken as a whole, the entire pattern most certainly does. Remember that, even prior to this tragedy, security at federal buildings was so tight that only government officials and agents had access to their interior spaces, meaning that any bombs inside were almost certainly planted by the government, and it was that government that failed to investigate the bombing properly. And, after Oklahoma City, William J. Clinton got his anti-terrorism bill, and the bombing also very conveniently took people’s attention away from his escapades with Monica Lewinsky.

But the events of 9/11/2000 clearly prove a government conspiracy, a monstrous crime committed by America’s leaders against the people. In all the history of steel framed buildings, none, I repeat none, had ever collapsed due to fire. There was one case of such a building that suffered a partial collapse after a fire that had burned for hours. In addition, modern skyscrapers are built to withstand the impact of large aircraft; had it been the impacts that collapsed the WTC towers they would have at least partially collapsed when struck. Instead, there was a long delay. But I shall be generous and pretend that there is a one in a hundred chance of such a building collapsing due to fire. This means that the chances of three such buildings collapsing due to fire in one place and on one day is one hundredth multiplied by one hundredth, multiplied by one hundredth…one chance in a million. Now, all three buildings collapsed straight down at near free fall speed, something that can only be achieved through controlled demolitions, with charges carefully placed inside the building by highly trained professionals. Yet on 9/11 all three buildings collapsed that way. Again, I will be generous, and assume that, somehow, this can happen by chance one time in a hundred. For all three to do so again is one in a hundred times one in a hundred times one in a hundred…again, one chance in a million. So for three steel framed buildings to collapse straight down at near freefall speed due to fire is one chance in a million times one chance in a million, or one chance in a trillion. Perhaps those who still believe in O.J. Simpson’s innocence believe this is possible, but it is not. The buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions, period, end of discussion…but there’s more.

Building seven was not even struck by a plane, and had only a small fire, which firemen on the scene believed they could bring under control, when leaseholder Larry Silverstein advised them to “pull” the building. He did not say to pull out of the building. He said to pull the building, which means to bring it down with a controlled demolition, and, sure enough, it fell straight down. This can only be done if the charges are placed in advance, and it takes many, many hours, or even days. All three buildings had been secretly prepared for destruction, and, just as the Oklahoma City truck bomb served mainly to hide the fact that it was an inside job, the same is true here, with planes substituting for the truck.

In addition, witnesses on the scene, including firefighters and news media people, reported multiple explosions just before the buildings collapsed, and there is even videotape showing exactly that. A maintenance official in one of the towers heard a large explosion in the basement. Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, twenty one miles away in Palisades, N.Y., picked up a seismic wave just before each tower collapsed. Up to five weeks after 9/11, pools of molten steel were found beneath the rubble; only a large amount of thermite explosive could have melted enough steel for any to remain. Note the parallels with Oklahoma City.

And there are other parallels as well. The alleged bombers had all been allowed to enter the US; you might think that after the 1993 bombing the government would have tightened up entry requirements. Honorable FBI agents like Colleen Rowley and Harry Samit tried to warn their superiors that Muslim foreigners with possible terrorist ties were taking flying lessons, and the potential for using airliners as weapons was well understood even before 9/11. Honorable agents like Robert Wright and translator Sibel Edmonds pointed out the dereliction of duty on the part of the higher ups. A Pentagon intelligence team, Able Danger, also tried to warn the Defense Department. All of these warnings were ignored. There was also widespread short selling of stocks, particularly airline stock, just before 9/11, indicating that some very wealthy people were aware that something was about to happen.

The North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) had procedures even before 9/11 for intercepting airliners that went off course and/or refused to reply to FAA ground controllers and/or switched off their transponders, electronic devices that, when hit by ground radar, release a coded signal that identifies the aircraft. But American Airlines Flight 11 and United 175 did all of the above before 8:10 that morning. Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:46; you might think that, if any doubts remained, our glorious leaders would by then realize that there was a problem. But the alleged Flight 77 hit the Pentagon an hour and forty five minutes after the first plane went off course, and it headed for Washington soon enough to give warning of an attack on the Capital. Despite all of this, surface to air missiles in place to protect Washington were never fired, and no plane intercepted Flight 77, even though interceptors are based at Andrews Air Force Base to protect the city. NORAD’s excuse for their failure was to claim that they just happened to be conducting a large scale exercise that day, “Vigilant Guardian.” You might think that NORAD would have routine procedures in place to react quickly if our nation suffered, say, a massive nuclear attack during an exercise. And you would be right. Years ago, as a NORAD Intelligence Officer, I participated in and even helped plan (at air division level) many such exercises. The exercise can be switched off and all personnel briefed within seconds. But this was not done on 9/11.

And there are still other problems. Flight 93, judging by its long debris trail, exploded in mid air, as though there was a bomb on board or as though it actually was intercepted and shot down. But the official story is that the passengers rushed the terrorists, who crashed the plane into the ground. Flight 77 allegedly hit the Pentagon (conveniently on the side opposite the offices of the highest ranking personnel), but the FBI has never released a videotape showing the crash, even though surveillance cameras were up and running and pointed in the right direction. The entrance hole in the Pentagon measured about twenty feet in diameter, less than the size of the body of a 757…and what about the wings? There is no wide hole made by the wings, nor any sign of the damage they might have done even if they failed to penetrate the structure, and, most damning of all, no sign of the wings themselves. The FBI has assured us that the wings, engines, fuselage, and the bodies of all of the passengers simply vaporized. Right. Folks, this is impossible. It never happens because it cannot happen. And, on top of all of that, trained and experienced military personnel in the Pentagon reported the unmistakable smell of cordite explosive…not carried on airliners, but used in missiles.

And there’s more. Several people claiming to be the alleged (and very dead) hijackers called the government and the news media, protesting that they were very much alive, still in the Middle East, and that they had not hijacked any planes. And, incredibly, the FBI, the agency that had ignored all of the warnings, went to the hijacker’s apartments and the flying schools that they had attended within hours after the attacks. If the FBI officials did not take the warnings seriously, how were they able to do this? One of the alleged hijackers was “identified” by his passport, which magically flew out of his pocket as the plane crashed into the WTC with a forward speed of at least 300 miles per hour, somehow escaped from the enclosed cabin of the plane, flew backward against the forward momentum, and landed unscathed in the huge piles of paper and rubble in the streets below where, even more magically, it was found. Talk about believing seven impossible things before breakfast. After the attacks all aircraft in the US were grounded except, incredibly, a charter jet containing some two dozen of Osama bin Laden’s relatives, who were allowed to fly to Washington, D.C., and then to Boston. When international flights were resumed they were allowed to leave the country. Why were two dozen relatives of the alleged mastermind in the US to begin with? Why was a plane full of potential terrorists allowed to fly when no one else was? Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that bin Laden and his family were part owners of the Carlyle Group, which employed George Bush senior.

So thousands of Americans died, and George Bush II secured passage of the misnamed Patriot Act, which took up where Clinton’s anti terrorism bill left off, and Bush led us into two more wars, which, apparently, will never end. Even the date and the flight numbers are significant; the elites are obsessed with the number 33 (as in thirty third degree Mason) and multiples of 11. And the ratio of the height to any base side of the Great Pyramid at Giza is seven to eleven, and one of the planes was Flight 77. This sounds crazy, but this is what the elites do; it is almost as if they are proudly signing their work. Everything is in the patterns; the events surrounding any of these tragedies form a pattern indicating government conspiracy, and all three events form a larger pattern. And that, together with events like the JFK murder or Pearl Harbor, form a still larger pattern…a pattern of murder, of betrayal, and of absolute evil.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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