Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: NARA

The charmed life of Adolf Hitler

Posted on Tuesday, 9 February, 2010 | 21 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

In one of his quatrains, Nostradamus predicted the rise of a terrible European tyrant and conqueror called “Hister.” Naturally, many have assumed that this referred to Adolf Hitler, but skeptics have correctly pointed out that “Hister” is merely an old name for the Danube River. But a river cannot be a conqueror; Nostradamus must have been referring to a real person…perhaps one connected in some way to the river. Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, on the Inn River…a tributary of the Danube. Most of his childhood was spent in Linz, Austria, which is directly on the Danube. For a time he also lived in Lambach, Austria, on the Traun River, another Danube tributary. He was a Catholic altar boy, and in Lambach he attended a Catholic school in an old cloister whose walls were adorned with swastikas. His political career first began in Munich, Germany, on the Isar River, also a Danube tributary. So Hitler was intimately connected to the river whose modern name so closely resembles his own. In another eerie “coincidence,” Munich is also the city where Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in the late eighteenth century.

From the beginning, Hitler showed an interest in the occult, and occult societies showed an interest in him. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, several quasi-Masonic occult groups appeared in Germany and Austria; one of these was the ONT, or Order of New Templars. The ONT later morphed into the German Order, and that became the Thule Society, which included many wealthy and influential members and which infiltrated German military intelligence. Hitler remained in the army for a time after WWI ended, and was recruited by the intelligence officers to spy on various political groups. It was in this role that he joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party; the acronym from the German words is “Nazi.” He became party leader, and the evidence strongly suggest that all of this was orchestrated by the Thule Society, and that they had created the party and chosen Hitler to lead it. His main contact with the group was through Dietrich Eckart, who boasted that Hitler was little more than their puppet. It almost seems as if his career was fated.

And he seemed to lead a charmed life and be under some sort of supernatural protection. He recounted how, during WWI, he was in a trench with a group of fellow soldiers and suddenly felt, for no apparent reason, a powerful urge to move away from them. No sooner had he done so when a shell landed and killed them all…but Hitler was safe.

Nothing illustrates this mysterious protection more than the unaccountable failure of several well planned assassination attempts against the Fuehrer. Hitler was originally elected Chancellor by a plurality, not a majority, and neither he nor the war he began were ever as popular in Germany as is commonly supposed. His main support came from university professors, lawyers, and the film industry. Many communists opposed and even fought against the Nazis, but many more joined the National Socialists. Hitler’s main opposition came from Christians (but not from the leaders of the major churches) and from conservative officers in the military. This included officers in the Abwehr, or military intelligence, which is ironic considering that other intelligence officers had helped to bring him to power. One group of Christian officers and civilians was the Kreisauer Kreis, which met at the estate of an officer named von Moltke, from one of Germany’s most famous military families. Other high ranking officers prepared to risk everything to kill or arrest and overthrow Hitler were Generals Hans Oster and Ludwig Beck and Friedrich Olbricht, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris of the Abwehr, Field Marshall Erwin von Witzleben, and Colonel von Tresckow. Of course, more joined when it became obvious that Germany was losing WWII, but the opposition began at least as early as 1938, before Germany attacked Poland. The plotters were motivated primarily by principle, including opposition to genocide, and they were among the bravest unsung heroes of the twentieth century.

Yet every attempt to kill Hitler failed. True, he was well guarded, and it is obvious that bombs can sometimes fail to detonate, or schedules may change. But Hitler’s good luck exceeded the bounds of probability; he truly appears to have been protected by fate or by some evil power.

The first known assassination attempt was carried out by a lone individual, a carpenter from Wurttemberg named George Elser. On 11/7/39 he set a bomb in a beer hall in Munich where Hitler was scheduled to speak, and it was effectively concealed and detonated on schedule. But, for no known reason, Hitler unexpectedly cut his visit short and left 13 minutes before the explosion.

And this was only the beginning. A bomb placed in Hitler’s plane in March, 1942, mysteriously failed to detonate, as did another a week later. On 3/21/43 a Col. Von Gersdorff volunteered for a suicide mission and carried a bomb to a weapons exhibit attended by Hitler…who, again, left early for no apparent reason, before the timer could detonate the explosive. On 10/13/43 another bomb was planted; this one was the work of von Tresckow, cleverly disguised, and given to Lt. Fabian von Schlabrendorff, who handed it to one of Hitler’s staff officers, Lt. Col. Heinz Brandt, who unwittingly placed it near the Fuehrer in his plane. Despite the careful work of these military professionals, using well tried and tested explosives and a chemical pencil detonator, this bomb also failed. In 11/43 an officer named Axel von dem Bussche volunteered to kill Hitler with grenades, but an Allied bomb destroyed the train carrying the grenades shipped to him by his fellow conspirators. Bussche planned to kill him at another event, but Hitler cancelled and never attended it. Bussche was willing to try again, but was wounded in combat, losing a leg. Ewald Heinrich von Kleist planned yet another attack, but, incredibly, Hitler once more cancelled his attendance at a scheduled event.

Enter Lt. Col. Count Claus von Stauffenberg, a severely wounded war hero and a devout Catholic. On 7/1/44 he became Chief of Staff to the Reserve Army commander, Gen. Fromm, allowing him to attend Hitler’s conferences. On 7/15/44 he planted a bomb at a conference, but, in what was becoming a pattern, Hitler left early. Von Stauffenberg managed to retrieve the bomb before it detonated or was discovered. On 7/20/44 he tried one last time, setting the bomb near Hitler at his field headquarters in East Prussia, and escaping before the detonation. But the concrete was still hardening in Hitler’s new bunker, rendering it too hot inside, so the conference was held in a flimsy wooden building, which allowed most of the explosive force to dissipate. In addition, Col. Heinz Brandt had shoved the briefcase containing the bomb further away from Hitler. And so he escaped again, and soon all the plotters and their supporters and those who had known of the plots but failed to report them were rounded up and executed.

On 4/30/45, Walpurgisnacht, the witches’ Sabbath, the war was lost and Soviet troops were closing in on Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. After marrying Eva Braun, Hitler allegedly killed her and then himself. But this has never, to this day, been proven. He was in poor health and would be 120 years old today, so it is, to say the least, highly unlikely that the Fuehrer is still alive. But, on that night long ago, could he have cheated death one last time?

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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