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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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William B Stoecker

The Luciferian conspiracy

April 17, 2010 | Comment icon 17 comments

Image Credit: sxc.hu
[!gad]Entire books, including my own, have been written to expose the global conspiracy many of us believe is behind most of the terrible events in recent history. We are not conspiracy “theorists”; we deal in facts. But what is the true nature of this conspiracy? What are its ultimate goals? And what, ultimately, is behind it? Like many others who have studied the subject, I believe that there is some kind of Supreme Being, although I adhere to no organized religion. And, like many others, I believe that there are evil or demonic spirits who hate both God and Man, and that they probably have a leader, commonly called Satan or Lucifer. What follows is a very brief summary of the evidence for a conspiracy, and a concise overview of its history, and evidence that seems to show that it is, indeed, inspired by the Devil.

During the Second Crusade two mysterious organizations appeared, sanctioned by the Catholic Church but not necessarily under its control. In Jerusalem, sometime between 1080 and 1113 (when it was written about by the Pope) there was established an order called the Hospitallers, founded, supposedly by one Gerald (or Gerard), supposedly to give both lodging and medical care to Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. They had as their patron saint John the Baptist, one whose name is still associated with them and related groups today. It has long been suspected that there was at that time a heretical movement that considered John the Baptist, not Jesus, to be the true Messiah. Most of their early leaders came from Southern France, like Raymond du Puy de Provence. They were fond of certain mysterious symbols, like an equal-armed eight pointed cross, and they still exist today as the Knights of Malta. Their sister organization, the Knights Templar, was founded in Jerusalem around 1118, supposedly by nine (a magic number) French knights led by Hugh de Payens, aided by St. Bernard of the Catholic Cistercian Order. The Templars were primarily a military order whose stated purpose was to protect pilgrims, and they derived their name from the Jewish Temple and were based on Temple Mount, where they excavated and explored, finding, many suspect, a great treasure and documents containing ancient occult knowledge. They used symbols not unlike those of the Knights of Malta, including a red cross with arms of equal length. After the Crusaders were driven out of Palestine, the Templars moved their main base to France, although they had branches all over Europe. They were fascinated with geometry and architecture, and developed the soaring Gothic style for the cathedrals they built, often on ancient pagan sites. They also took over the banking industry and learned the trick of creating fiat money…paper money created out of thin air, which is still practiced by governments and central banks (like America’s Federal Reserve). Unsurprisingly, they amassed great wealth, and they also became active in shipping, building up a large fleet.

Rulers like Philip IV of France coveted their wealth and resented being in debt to them, so beginning in 1307, aided by the Pope he had placed in control of the Church, Philip began imprisoning and torturing the Templars, and they were accused of heresy, and even of sexual perversion and Satanism. Their last known leader, Jacques de Molay, was burned alive in 1314. But most of them escaped, many joining the Knights of Malta, and their treasure and their fleet vanished. In Spain and Portugal, something called the Knights of Christ appeared, almost certainly the Templars under another name, and they had an uncanny knowledge of navigation, possessing maps that led Portugal and Spain to circumnavigate Africa and, later, to rediscover the Americas. Columbus may have been one of them, or aided by them, and he may have secretly known all along that he was sailing to America and not Asia. Templars may have been the mysterious band of knights who reinforced Robert the Bruce of Scotland, enabling him to defeat the English, and he may have given them sanctuary.

At least as early as 1614 in Germany there appeared an order called the Rosicrucians, supposedly founded by one “Christian Rosenkreuz,” a former monk who had studied Arab magic and mysticism. Their symbol was an equal-armed golden cross with a red rose at its center (a symbol of the ancient goddess Artemis). Note that the Templar symbol was a red cross. Rosicrucian adepts were called Illuminati, a name that was also used by some Catholic priests in Spain, and later by French Freemasons. And the Masons appeared later in that same century, first in Scotland and England, and later on the Continent. London’s Grand Lodge was established in 1717. The Masons claimed descent from the Templars, and used many of the same symbols, and they are, in fact a cult whose religious beliefs are secret, even referring to their lodges as “temples.” From the beginning the Masons advocated major political change and had, at best, an uneasy relationship with the Christian churches. Masons were instrumental in founding the United States; many of our Presidents have been Masons, and even today they are very influential. Then, in Bavaria, a law professor at the University of Ingolstadt, one Adam Weishaupt, became a Mason and then, on May First, 1776 (the same year as the American revolution began, a revolution led at least in part by Masons) he created, within the Masonic Order, a cult he called the Illuminati, advocating revolution, feminist rights, and one world government, a cult bitterly opposed to Christianity. Weishaupt admitted that he admired the ancient pagan mystery cults, and, like modern communists, he preached that the end justifies the means…no matter how bloody and violent. May first, or Mayday, was sacred to the pagans, and, today, is sacred to communists. Weishaupt chose as his code name “Spartacus,” and German communists in 1918 called themselves “Spartacists.” The Bavarian police outlawed the Illuminati in 1784, but Weishaupt escaped and lived until 1830. There is no reason not to believe that the Illuminati simply went underground.

In 1788 the bloody French Revolution began, instigated in part by the Comte de Mirabeau , a member of France’s Grand Orient Masonic Lodge who admired the Illuminati. Aiding him were Danton and the Duke of Orleans, also members of the lodge; like many modern “people’s revolutions,” this one was controlled by the wealthy elites. The revolutionaries in France hated Christianity, believed in a drastic reduction in the human population (as do most leftists today), and murdered hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. They attempted to remake society, and their fanatical and bloody tyranny was the first example of true fascism in the modern world, inspiring modern communists and Nazis alike.

In Germany, where the Illuminati had supposedly been destroyed, there now emerged a shadowy group using the skull and crossbones symbol, and, according to some researchers, actually calling themselves the Order of Death. The skull and bones had long been a Masonic symbol, and, later, was adopted by the Nazi SS. A wealthy New Englander named William Russell who later became even wealthier in the opium trade studied at a German University and brought this cult back to Yale University as Skull and Bones. The Bonesmen are inducted into the order with secret rites in a nearly windowless (like most Masonic temples) building, and use ritual names like Long Devil, Boaz (Beelzebub), Odin, Thor, Gog, and Magog. They are incredibly powerful and influential in the US, especially in banking and in the intelligence agencies; both the Bushes in the White House were Bonesmen. In 1834 German workers in Paris formed the League of Outlaws, which became the League of the Just in 1836, and it was they who backed Karl Marx and created modern communism. The stated goals of communism are virtually identical with those of the Illuminati.

It is worth mentioning that George Washington warned Americans about the menace of the Illuminati, and, in the nineteen twenties, long after the Illuminati were supposedly abolished, Winston Churchill stated that they were still around, and that they were behind communism. President Woodrow Wilson, early in the twentieth century, stated that there was a secret group above the US government, controlling everything, and that merely to criticize them was dangerous. I don’t believe that two Presidents and a future Prime Minister can be dismissed as fringe conspiracy theorists.

In the nineteenth century “Madame” Blavatsky founded the Theosophist cult; Hitler claimed them as an inspiration. Between about 1890 and 1910 in Austria and Germany, there appeared a cult called the Order of the New Templars, preaching anti-Semitism and extreme German nationalism. This group morphed into the German Order, which then became the Thule Society, which included many wealthy and powerful Germans as members and which infiltrated German military intelligence who, after WWI, employed a corporal named Hitler. The symbol of the Thule Society was the swastika, and German intelligence sent Hitler to join the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. He became its leader, and the acronym for its German name is “Nazi.” Note that it was, in fact, a socialist party…left wing, not right. Meanwhile, one of Madame Blavatsky’s successors was Alice Bailey, an English woman who hated Jews and admired Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler. She wrote openly of her worship of a fallen angel called “Lucifer,” and said that God was a tyrant (perhaps because He disapproved of anti-Semitism). Alice Bailey founded a group called the Lucis (after Lucifer) Trust, which included many prominent Americans among its members, and which supports the UN and one world government. The Lucis trust is so powerful and influential that they designed the bizarre UN meditation room. And Alice was not alone in worshipping Lucifer. Albert Pike, America’s most influential nineteenth century Freemason, wrote the Masonic “bible,” Morals and Dogma. In it he stated that he worshipped a being called Lucifer. More recently, both GW Bush and Bill Clinton have been photographed giving the two-fingered “horns” sign of the Satanists.

So a shadowy secret group, really a cult, does seem to be behind the French Revolution and behind both communism and Nazism, and to be very powerful in the US and within the UN. I have written elsewhere of the considerable evidence that this mysterious cult fomented WWI and WWII, and, via the Federal Reserve, orchestrated the Great Depression of the nineteen thirties. They are behind the mass butcheries of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. They created the communist dictatorship of North Korea, whose leaders have literally turned the entire country into one vast concentration camp. Today the man without a past (Obama) is pursuing policies many of us believe will rapidly enslave us and collapse our economy.

But they didn’t have to do any of this. If all they wanted was vast wealth and power, no one had to suffer and no one had to die. Via their control of banking and the fiat money racket, the Illuminati (or whatever they privately call themselves) have gained control of the media, campaign contributions, major industries, and (via endowments) the universities. Had they been so inclined, they could have been the benevolent behind the scenes rulers of an incredibly prosperous world, with the global economy never damaged by rigged wars and depressions and the madness of socialism and Keynesian economics. Arguably, their path to power would have been swifter and far more certain, for who would care to oppose them had there been no major wars or holocausts? Who would complain that freedom is an illusion if everyone was prosperous and secure and was allowed (albeit to no real effect) to state their opinions without fear of reprisal? It appears that they have done evil for the sake of evil, and that the ends (their imaginary socialist utopia) does not justify the means (wars, depressions, and acts of genocide). Rather the means is the end…the torture and murder of millions is their true goal. They do not torture and murder to gain and keep power, but rather they desire power so that they can torture and murder.

And these mysterious and powerful cults (or, more likely, a single cult with many branches) have persisted in seeking the ruin of all of humanity for at least two hundred years, and probably far, far longer. Why would people devote their entire lives to an evil goal which they knew they would never live to see? The people lower down in the hierarchy were paid for their work, but what about the ones at the top? The only answer is that, all along, this evil organization has been inspired and controlled by a being who hates Man and God, and who never dies, but works away patiently for centuries.

Comments (17)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Red-eye Dragoon 12 years ago
This article is pure drivel. The author keeps making connections where none exist. He doesn't cite any of his claims of fact. He blames numerous wars, genocides and the depression on a fanciful cult, rather than the political climates, ideologies, policies, etc. of the time. He misattributes Consequentialism to Communism and Karl Marx - and he fails to provide a quote from Marx or Engels (authors of the Communist Manifesto). He fails to provide support for his claim that French revolutionaries killed hundreds of thousands of people to reduce the population - more like 16000-40000 were killed d... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Cybele 12 years ago
"More recently, both GW Bush and Bill Clinton have been photographed giving the two-fingered “horns” sign of the Satanists." The author is clearly unfamiliar with the "hook 'em horns" gesture which fans of Univeristy of Texas at Austin football are fond of using.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Agent X 12 years ago
Sorry, but I stop reading at "We're not conspiracy theorists, we deal in facts". Which is always a crap claim. It's like a racist sayhing "I'm not a racist but..." and then going on to criticize people based on race. So no, I've learned to stop reading right there whenever anyhone makes that kind of claim because if you have to make that kind of claim, then you obviously are what you claim you're not. BAsically it's a lie told to distract people.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Torgo 12 years ago
People feel the need to create world-girdling conspiracy theories because they feel the need for large, significant events to have large significant causes. They usually don't. Stocastic, random events, or incredibly mundane business as usual, is behind the majority of the bull we deal with on a daily basis around the world. To quote the movie Cube: "This may be difficult for you to accept, but there is no conspiracy. No one is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan, can you grasp that? Big Brother is not watching you."
Comment icon #12 Posted by Antimony 12 years ago
To quote the movie Cube: "This may be difficult for you to accept, but there is no conspiracy. No one is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan, can you grasp that? Big Brother is not watching you." Can I borrow that quote for my sig, pleeese? You are, of course, spot on. I wish people would be more familiar with the mechanisms of chaos theory & emergence. To the OP: I don't think I have come across an article which is headed by: "we deal in facts" and then goes on to use the word may so many times. There are so many factual inaccuracies, conjectur... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Nephilim_Slayer 12 years ago
Well I definitely agree on a satanic global conspiracy. But is is nothing new, this has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. The all-seeing-eye has been around for ages, same deities....different times.
Comment icon #14 Posted by kailasa108 9 years ago
I think a better title for this 'article' would be "More Reasons to Hate Communists". LOL After reading this I think Stoecker is an Illuminati using their typical method of disinformation to "stoke" emotional turmoil. Evidently nothing is referenced because he has NONE. Not even a good dictionary, which shows the meaning of 'lucis" comes from the Latin "light", and that Lucifer originally meant "Light Bearer"...before kristianity perverted it for their own designs. Blavatsky did NOT worship Lucifer - she did though tell of his supposed true role to Mankind before kristianity made him into Sata... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by Eldorado 9 years ago
My father was a 32nd degree Mason. As a kid (unknown to my father), I found and read all of his Masonic books. Their history comes from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. It's not a religion at all, but more of a social brotherhood that teaches morality and service. Really scary, eh? It's the Interwebz. Two plus two equals twenty-two, or whatever number you want. Welcome to UM, Kailasa
Comment icon #16 Posted by Ambush Bug 9 years ago
Y'all sheeple... just dun know it yet ...
Comment icon #17 Posted by Eldorado 9 years ago
Y'all sheeple... just dun know it yet ... It's easy to accuse but a real devil of a job trying to prove.

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